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    Efo Riro Nigerian Soup Recipe with Pounded Yam

    Efo riro is a traditional yoruba dish served in many homes that are not always from the Yoruba culture. It is sometimes served at different important occasions in Nigeria. This is the staple vegetable soup in some parts of Nigeria. What makes this soup interesting for me is the ability to eat it as a stand alone meal

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    Dundu and Shrimp Sauce

    Dundu is a Nigerian recipe that is specific to the Yoruba tribe. I have spoken to many people asking how to make it in different ways and I have heard people use plantain, coco yam, sweet potatoes and yam. I have chosen to use Yam for mine and I will serve my Dundu with spicy

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    Ewa Agoyin (Stewed Beans Porridge) – Feyisope

    Breakfast in Nigeria is full of all kinds of interesting dishes. You know the saying eat breakfast like a king? This dish is definitely in that category. It is originally a Togolese dish but as usual Nigerians take everything and make it their own lol. I call it creative borrowing, sharing is caring right? The

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    Recipe for the Yam and Fish Sauce

    Hello Everyone, I had been sending out a bunch of recipes in the past and i wasn’t sure if people were actually using them which is why i put up the post asking if people wanted the recipe and clearly you guys do. For my new Non-Nigerian Followers of this blog, feel free to try

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    Chef of the week- Mariam Olagunju – Yam and Egg stew

    Servings: 2 What you need 2 Whole tomatoes 2 Small Jamaican peppers 1 Cooking spoon of oil 3 Medium eggs Half a bulb of onions 4 slices of Yam Seasonings Quarter teaspoon of salt 1 Cube of Knorr Half a teaspoon of red powdered pepper (Club house) Roasted garlic and pepper powder What to do

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    Nigerian Stick Meat Recipe (Mini Beef Kebab)

    This is very easy to make and could be used as a snack as beef is very filling. Nigerians call it stick meat while some others may call it beef kebab..enough blabbing here is the recipe Ingredients * 1Pack of Beef * 3 Bell Peppers – Red, Green, Yellow *1 Bulb Onion *2 Cubes of

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