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    Thank you for visiting our blog or if you have been here before, welcome back. Our fans have asked for printable recipes from the blog and we thought what better way to do it than make an e-book. This e-book is free to download but all we ask is you do not print and re-sell it commercially. You do not want a court case with us 🙂 The e-books are viewable on mobile devices. If you have trouble viewing them on mobile, please leave a comment and we would adjust them accordingly. 

    Enjoy these free e-books. Check back monthly as there would be some great surprises in the e-books to download. There would be e-books with recipes not on the blog and a host of other goodies. Download, print and share these free afrolems e-books with your friends and thank you for visiting the blog.

    P:S: If you are a food-related company looking to have a presence in these e-books, please fill out our contact form and let us know. We would love to work on the best way you can reach consumers.


    Click the image to download the book

    Summer drinks by afrolems e-book

    Plantain recipes afrolems e-book








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    14 comments on “Free Afrolems E-Books”

      • afrolems Reply

        Hello Olufunmi, please ensure you have the latest version of the adobe reader. I just tested it and it’s fine on my end. What device are you using? It may also be internet speed.

    1. polished down Reply

      Just want to say thank you! So happy I’ve found someone else who loves plantain as much as I do lol, looking forward to try the SEMI-RIPE PLANTAIN POTTAGE

    2. Kemo Reply

      Oh wow! Where was I when this party was on? Better late than never, will use these as guide. Thank you very much. Continued creativity in all you do.

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