Nigerian Yam and Egg

I never understood the logic of feeding children yam and egg on a school morning. Yam makes me super sleepy and less productive. If i settle down to eat yam regardless of the time of the day, you can guarantee I won’t be doing anything useful the rest of the day but somehow this was

Yam and Palm Oil

Growing up I was told that the combination of Yam and palm oil was what poor people ate. Whatever the hell that meant. I used to feel guilty enjoying this simple dish because I always asked myself why Nigerians would label such a dish amongst others as a poor person’s food. I then realized the

Oil less Efo riro

Fit fam Kwenu hayy!!! For those that do not know, Kwenu is a salutation mostly used By the people in the eastern part of Nigeria. I say mostly because I just borrowed it for my post lol. At some point last year, I made a post about oil less efo riro and got a lot

Semi Ripe Plantain Pottage

Growing up, my grandma always made unripe plantain pottage and I wasn’t so sure it was my favourite thing to eat. Then came my mum with semi-ripe plantain mixed with unripe plantain in the pottage and it was always fun to find out which plantain was slightly ripe when eating it. Well today, I decided

Oven Baked Jollof Rice

A discussion ensued on Instagram a couple months back about how oven jollof rice tastes better than regular cooked jollof rice. Personally I think Jollof rice cooked on firewood tastes better but in a world where firewood is not present and the fumes of the firewood are harmful to our health, oven jollof rice does

Ayamase Stew

There are many archived recipes I would be publishing this month because school got in my way and I could not get to blogging about them. This is a recipe that a lot of people asked me for especially our dear friend Vese at Dvees who does exceptional things with Nigerian food as well. I kept

Amala and Ewedu

My craving this meal started back in August but in the middle of all my moving i just couldn’t bring myself to make it. So many things kept coming up but yesterday I put my foot down and decided finally that i needed to reward myself with this amazing meal. The first time i ever

Beef Stew Recipe

After a very long hiatus which I apologize for, I am back. Yayy!!!! So I just recently moved to the States and so far the African stores have been far away from me. I shall find it I promise and bring you some interesting Nigerian recipes. Whilst, I was opening my bank account here, I

How to make Nigerian Fried Rice

Everyone loves fried rice, I mean who doesn’t. Some of our followers on instagram asked us to put up a recipe for Nigerian fried rice. Fried rice doesn’t really take that long to prepare if you know how to manage your time. The only thing I don’t like is cutting the carrots, I try to blackmail