• Guest Post : White Rice, Egg Sauce & Turkey 3rd Day of Valentines Cooking

    The Afrolems banner went up about our valentines recipes and immediately we got a few requests to from different bloggers to feature their recipes in our series. Here is one of our guest chefs of the day. Hope you enjoy his recipe. XoXo


    This is a simple meal, but allows for creativity and team work. So call up your valentine on V-day evening and get to cook this together. If you are the charmer like me, you may want to do this all by yourself, just make sure your valentine brings along the wine when coming over.

    So let’s get started.


    Rice – enough for three
    Turkey – grilled or fried
    Tomato paste
    Vegetable Oil
    Spice – Pepper, Salt, Curry, Thyme
    Seedless Grapes


    1. Boil Your Rice with salt until it is ready to eat
    2. Dice your onions, soften tomato paste with stock or water
    3. Whisk eggs
    4. Quick-fry (in low heat) sliced onions, and tomato paste, in vegetable oil, add spice to make sauce
    5. Pour in Egg into sauce and stir to make scrambled eggs in sauce. Add more spices if need be
    6. Dish your white rice, and serve sauce on the side with grilled or fried turkey
    7. Garnish with seedless grapes and eat with chilled wine.

    Bon Appetit!

    rice and egg sauce

    About Cook:
    Nubi Kayode is a Co-Founder of Easy Appetite, an online takeaway site that allows you order, experience and recommend meals for various restaurants in Nigeria. More at http://easyappetite.com


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