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    Agege French Toast Roll Up

    Agege French Toast was originally on my menu the day I made this breakfast dish. I then did not feel like having a sweet dish for breakfast so I decided to go savoury. I had some sausages in the fridge and decided to make Agege French Toast Roll ups with a pigs in a blanket

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    Cinnamon French Toast Sticks

    I woke up very early with a very strong craving for cinnamon french toast sticks. Yes, very specific I know but one has to give into cravings every once in a while. By the way I am also craving amala and ewedu properly done from an authentic buka. Who wants to bring me some? I

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    French Toasts and Tomato Egg Cups

    I was browsing through the blog recently and realized that I hadn’t done a breakfast post in a while so I decided to fix that quickly. French toasts are pretty easy and quick to make. I remember the day my mum taught me how to make them; I was about 9 and was bored of

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