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    Ukana Sauce / Ugba Sauce

    When I was a lot younger, this was a dish I slightly dreaded eating because it smelled so much. I was also terrified of eating it the night before because the waste produced may have been deadly the next day in school. However, as I grew up, my taste buds acclimatized to the taste and

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    Amala and Ewedu

    My craving amala and ewedu started back in August but in the middle of all my moving i just couldn’t bring myself to make it. So many things kept coming up but yesterday I put my foot down and decided finally that i needed to reward myself with this amazing meal. The first time i

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    Rice and Beans

    Rice and beans is a winning combination any day. So I joined this amazing group this year on Facebook called “So you think you can cook” and there is a challenge this week to create a beans recipe. I started thinking a little too deeply about what to create, I started thinking along the lines of

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