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    Rice and Beans

    Rice and beans is a winning combination any day. So I joined this amazing group this year on Facebook called “So you think you can cook” and there is a challenge this week to create a beans recipe. I started thinking a little too deeply about what to create, I started thinking along the lines of

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    Dodo Ikire and Groundnut

    Hello guys! Remember my mosa recipe?. Well if you were still looking for more things to do with your overripe plantains you should definitely try Dodo-Ikire. This is a basic appetizer made out of seasoned overripe plantains fried in palm oil. So simple eh? Note that this could be a fairly messy dish to eat

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    Coconut Rice, Peppered Beef, Potato Salad and Dodo for Democracy Day

    Hello there beautiful people! Afrolems has missed you and for Democracy day, I came back with something extra special. My friend is moving to Calgary this weekend and I decided to give her a little (well, HUGE treat). Being a Calabar girl like me, spicy food is right up her alley. To create a balance nonetheless,

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    Salted or Unsalted Dodo? Which do you Prefer?

    The Nigerian love of plantains has always amazed me. If you ask the typical Nigerian how they like their plantains, many would say fried (dodo), boiled or roasted (bole). It was not until I stepped out of the Nigerian cuisine space that I found many other cultures also like plantain. i have noticed Jamaicans fry

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    Dodo Snails – Lent Inspired Recipe

    During Lent, a lot of people give up a whole lot of things as a fast during the period and the very popular  food item that people give up is beef. I have heard many people give up chicken as well. I started looking online for some lent inspired recipes and all I saw was

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    How to Make Dodo Gizzard or Gizdo

    This dodo gizzard dish has been without a doubt one of the most popular dishes ordered in all my years of catering. It is always a crowd pleaser. The sweetness of the plantain and the crunchiness of the gizzard seems to do an amazing job impressing everyone. It is always the first item on the

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    Nigerian Beans Pottage and Plantain

    Nigerian beans pottage is a staple in the food culture here in Nigeria. It is also a staple amongst many african countries. For example, Ghanians call beans pottage “Red Red” which seems to be a play on the how the palm oil looks in the pottage. Other countries in Africa add some more ingredients to

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    White Rice, Snail (Escargot) Stew and Dodo (Plantain)

    This was my dinner tonight. White rice, snail or escargot stew and dodo popularly known as fried plantain. Leave a comment if you want the recipe for this.