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    Bread Rolls

    Making these bread rolls were by far the most amazing experience in a while. To knead something and have it turn into edible bread after months of trying. I certainly feel confident going forward to experiment more with this base recipe. Yes I made bread rolls and I feel the need to write an epistle concerning it

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    valentines breakfast

    Yellow Shade of Valentine’s cooking – Bread and Egg

    If someone asked me what my most romantic scene was, I’m not certain I could pick just one. Anything from the upside down rain kiss in spiderman to Beauty and the Beast (yes the entire movie counts as one big romantic scene.) In my top three however, I would definitely say waking up to breakfast

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    nigerian food martha stewart

    Bread ‘n’ Egg Cups -Martha stewart Inspired Breakfast

    Today, I wondered what to have breakfast and thought martha stewart always has interesting ideas. So I went on her website and saw her different breakfast ideas but the one that caught my attention the most was her Bacon, Egg, and Toast Cups. I tried it a few times and wasn’t so successful as I

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    corn soup

    Corn and Chicken Soup by Afrolems

    Corn and Chicken Soup was the standard appetizer my mum ordered for us at Chinese restaurants growing up in Nigeria. She knew we loved it and would never waste it so it was the compulsory starter with some vegetable spring rolls. Many years it is still a favorite for me. It is not traditionally a

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