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    kanyan recipe liberian snack

    Kanyan Recipe – Liberian Snack

    I was scrolling through Instagram this week and i came across an account I was following called MyPepperPot. She was sorting through roasted peanuts and said she was about to make kanyan that was a Liberian snack. I got curious and asked for the kanyan recipe and before she could even reply, I had googled

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    Rice pudding dessert

    Coconut Rice Pudding

    Coconut Rice pudding? Yes Coconut Rice pudding is amazing. Dessert from our beloved Rice is a huge possibility just open your mind 🙂 Tuwo Rice is one of those grains that lay in my house without quick uses. Partly because I am not hausa so I don’t always have a lot of use for it.

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    banana milo pudding

    Banana Milo Pudding

    The day I was all set to make this Banana Milo pudding at home, I ran downstairs with glee at the thought of tasting the final product. I was so sure I had seen the bananas on the banana stand in the kitchen the day before. Notice I said bananas not singular. So turns out

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    chocolate pancakes with nuts

    Double Chocolate Milo Pancakes

    Let me tell you about these double chocolate milo pancakes! If not that I had to photograph it, It would not have lasted long on the plate. As you can see in one of the pictures, I forgot myself and was already making my way through it. It was soooo delicious. I am not even

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    home made caramel sauce

    Home Made Caramel Sauce

    Once I learned how to make home made caramel sauce, I have not gone back to the store bought version. That way I can control the quantity I want to have in my fridge at a time without worrying if it would take up space and be one of those things I do not end

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    how to make milo cake bites

    Milo Cake Bites

    It was Canadian Thanksgiving the past weekend and I was skyping in with my family and watching them prepare several yummy dishes. My brother was in charge of Jollof Rice and Chicken because no thanksgiving is complete without Jollof rice once a Nigerian is present. My sister was in charge of mashed potatoes, My cousin was

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    nigerian desserts zobo tart

    Zobo Lemon Tarts

    I can pretend I have a story for how these zobo lemon tarts came to be in my kitchen but to tell the truth I don’t. I really was just craving lemon tarts. I went into the kitchen, started making the crust and spotted my zobo in the background. I decided to add that to

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    Coconut guava icecream

    Coconut Guava Ice cream

    The past few days in Boston have been sweltering hot. It makes you just want to stick your head in the freezer. I decided to do something about it. Last month was ice-cream month and I had already whipped this ice cream recipe up but due to technical difficulties I could not post it. Well

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    over ripe plantain toffee

    Plantain Toffee Balls

    This past week I challenged myself to try to blog everyday and I had a ton of recipes I had made, photographed and were just sitting on my memory card. It was time to do something about that, hence the extra activity you see on my blog. This post was inspired quite randomly to be

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