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    Kantun Ridi

    Kantun Ridi is the hausa name for sesame seed candy also known as beniseed candy.  Up until a few years ago, I never even knew sesame seeds were a huge part of our cuisine in Nigeria. Being a food blogger, you get to discover all kinds of interesting things from conversations with friends. I had

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    Waina Recipe

     Waina This is a rice dish often referred to as Masa, which is shaped like a mini cake and is made using short grain rice. This short grain variety of rice in highly consumed in the Northern part of Nigeria and is referred to as Tuwo rice. Waina has a background in Northern Nigeria and

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    ofio muffin

    Ofio Muffin

    Ofio Muffin is the most time consuming muffin to make if you do not have access to already grounded Tigernut flour.  I just thought to sound a subtle warning before you all come for my head. My Tigernut flour was purchased from a speciality store in Toronto but you can always make yours at home.

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    yoghurt parfait recipe

    Yogurt Parfait Recipe

    I am not that fond of yogurts in general but the yogurt parfait is something I welcome as breakfast or dessert. This yogurt recipe idea catches my fancy because it incorporates ingredients that I love: fruits and nuts. It’s also very easy to make and is a quick and interesting breakfast option. You will love

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    designer puff puff daniel wellington

    Designer Puff Puff

    Designer puff puff is what I am calling this snack because I don’t know what else to call it. I can go with the cliche method and name the puff puff based on the ingredients I used to top it off or I can just stay with a more generic term so you can be

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    honey corn cup cake

    Honey Corn CupCake

    Corn season is upon us and some interesting recipes would be coming out of my kitchen like this honey corn cupcake one. I have completely missed fresh corn and I would be looking forward to creating savory and sweet dishes using this one ingredient. In this recipe however, I did not use fresh corn, I

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    french toast sticks dessers

    Cinnamon French Toast Sticks

    I woke up very early with a very strong craving for cinnamon french toast sticks. Yes, very specific I know but one has to give into cravings every once in a while. By the way I am also craving amala and ewedu properly done from an authentic buka. Who wants to bring me some? I

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    kanyan recipe liberian snack

    Kanyan Recipe – Liberian Snack

    I was scrolling through Instagram this week and i came across an account I was following called MyPepperPot. She was sorting through roasted peanuts and said she was about to make kanyan that was a Liberian snack. I got curious and asked for the kanyan recipe and before she could even reply, I had googled

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    Rice pudding dessert

    Coconut Rice Pudding

    Coconut Rice pudding? Yes Coconut Rice pudding is amazing. Dessert from our beloved Rice is a huge possibility just open your mind 🙂 Tuwo Rice is one of those grains that lay in my house without quick uses. Partly because I am not hausa so I don’t always have a lot of use for it.

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