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    Afrolems is an African food blog with a specialization in Nigerian Food. Our main focus is to stylize African food so it can be internationalized. We aim to educate our followers with kitchen tips, Cooking Know-hows and interesting recipes from all over Africa and just modifications of recipes from other cultures. We also like to play with foreign recipes as well.

    We are also in the process of developing creative resources for African catering professionals to take advantage of. We have a few plans lined up so please stay tuned for more information. 

    Savour the flavour!

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    28 comments on “About Afrolems”

    1. Dorcas Udo Reply

      My name is Dorcas from Nigeria and staying in Warri, Nigeria. I like good food and i want to learn how to make good meals for my family.Really find your site very interesting and would like to get some recipes and how to make them.Fact, is i have not seen a good catering school here that is why i had to search the net then i found u guys.Will appreciate if you get back to me.Thanks

    2. Global Chow Reply

      Thank you for visiting my blog.i find all them food that is prepared on your blog very interesting and yummy.have a wonderful day*_*

    3. cindy Reply

      hi, i am trying to prepare some african dishes but i cant seem to find any african store that sells periwinkles. please could you recommend a store to me? thank you

      • Afrolems Reply

        Hi Cindy, I once found periwinkles in a chinese grocery store. I haven’t seen any at african stores yet.

        • Cindy Reply

          Thanks for replying. is it possible to give the address or possible location of the chinese store please?

    4. Honey Reply

      Hi dear, do you have a recipe for spinach as a side dish with rice, without having to add all the palm oil n stuff?

    5. Lee Reply


      I would like to know where you find your fresh unsalted whole dried stockfish, please!! We used to get it at a place in Kensington Market, but they no longer sell it! Thank you!!

      • Afrolems Reply

        Aww that sucks. I only know African stores sell it. I’ve never even been to kensington market lol. You would have to go up north to some of the african stores in the jane and finch area to get what you need.

    6. Nike Thaddeus Reply

      I love the picture quality of all the pictures I’ve seen displayed here. Truly, packaging matters in everything. Your site’s concept reminds me of a picture of beans and plantain served in mama-put style and same beans and plantain served in chef style. I hope to be able to share my own idea with you. I wanted to create my own site, but after seeing yours, I’d rather like to share my ideas. Looking forward to hearing from you 🙂

    7. Hetty Reply

      Hi Afrolems, i stumbled to your blog and was fascinated at your creativity. I would like to join your blog and get new post or possible all recipes. I’m a full time house wife for now pending when i get a job and would like to treat my hubby with assorted delicacies. I admire your versatility in the normal day to day food we usually eat and i must say if you were residing where i’m based, i would have enrolled in your catering outfit. I’m impressed and amazed with your style. Keep the good work!

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