• Semolina Puff Puff

    My Semolina puff puff recipe came as a result of me wanting to make puff puff and realizing I had run out of all purpose flour. I remembered that I had used semolina to make pancakes in the past and figured why not try the semo flour for puff puff. I am happy to say that I may not go back to all purpose flour for making puff puff. 

    What I noticed about using semolina however was my mixture was extra sticky. Stickier than it would have been if I used normal flour but for puff puff, I think thats what makes it work better. I also realized that it reacted with the yeast very fast and the dough did not take a long time to rise. So this might work better if you are in a hurry and you are trying to make puff puff quickly.

    Another thing I tried to do was plate this puff puff in an exquisite way. What I had planned to do was created a caramel cage where i would place over the puff puff and drizzle mango sauce around it. Let’s just say I ended up with so much caramel and not enough cages to fulfil my idea. After several tries, I ended up with a little bit of the zig zag sheet of caramel as part of my plating component but I was happy nonetheless. The reason I needed it so bad was because I did not add as much sugar in the actual puff puff recipe as I was relying on the sugar from the mango and the caramel cage. I will however share the semolina puff puff recipe with the right amount of sugar and it is up to you to adjust the amount based on personal preference.

    Recipe for Semolina Puff Puff


    1 1/4 cup of Semolina Flour

    1 teaspoon of Yeast

    5 Tablespoons of Sugar

    1/2 cup of warm water

    Oil for deep frying

    Mango Sauce/ Caramel 

    1 piece of Mango

    80 ml Vanilla Yoghurt

    3 Tablespoons of Sugar



    In a bowl of warm water, pour in your yeast and allow to sit for about 5 minutes.

    Empty the sugar into the yeast and water and combine.

    Slowly pour in the semolina flour and mix till you get a stretchy dough mixture.

    You may add a little bit more as needed just to ensure you achieve the stretchy dough mixture and if it is too hard, add a little bit of warm water.

    Set aside and allow the mixture rise.

    Once risen, heat up your oil for deep frying and scoop little balls into the pot of oil and fry till golden brown. 

    For the Mango sauce

    Peel and scrape off the flesh of the mango and blend with the yoghurt and set aside.


    Heat up your sugar on low heat till it starts to brown and when you lift its light.

    Take the cover of a plastic bowl that is slightly bent.

    Rub some oil on the cover of the bowl. With a teaspoon, spread the caramel lightly to form any shape you prefer. Allow to cook and bend the cover carefully to remove the caramel shape you have formed.

    Plate your semolina puff puff on the mango sauce and place the caramel sheet on your plate.

    4 comments on “Semolina Puff Puff”

    1. Andrevn Reply

      Ingenious and what is that word again. erm…yummy! Yes. It looks and sounds yummmmy.

      But a question for you dear Chef ‘frolems.
      When you say ‘Allow to cook and…’ in preparing the caramel after imprinting the desired design on the back of a slightly curved plastic cover, how do you mean?

    2. Keslar Reply

      I tried this recipe(just d puff puff) and it was wawu! Had to make it a lil crunchy and semo is bae
      Thank you sis.

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