• Kantun Ridi

    Kantun Ridi is the hausa name for sesame seed candy also known as beniseed candy.  Up until a few years ago, I never even knew sesame seeds were a huge part of our cuisine in Nigeria. Being a food blogger, you get to discover all kinds of interesting things from conversations with friends.

    I had asked my travel blogger fulani friend Aisha about Christmas dishes in her house and while she was listing items on the table, ridi came up. She said it was a must for christmas in addition to chin chin and a host of other yummy dishes. I inquired a little bit more and she said it was almost like a brittle but sometimes people made it a bit more chewy or crispy but that it was preferential. I decided to jazz mine up with a bit of cinnamon. For me, I always believe that if a recipe calls for A and B, if C works with it, I will throw it in as well. Obviously, you can add more flavors if you feel up to it.

    For this recipe, I made a very small batch because i was just experimenting with the idea but feel free to double the recipe or halve it if you are unsure. This recipe makes about 8-10 small pieces of kantun ridi cookies.

    Recipe for Kantun Ridi


    1/2 cup of Sesame seeds

    1/4 cup of Sugar

    1 tablespoon of Honey

    1 teaspoon of Cinnamon powder


    Wash sesame seeds and pan fry till dry and set aside.

    In a separate pot, heat up your sugar, honey and cinnamon till thick.

    Stir in your sesame seeds into the sugar mix.

    With a spoon, scoop the sesame seeds onto a well oiled foil sheet or parchment paper

    Allow it cool for a few seconds and mould into shapes with your hands.

    Serve cool.

    Sesame seeds

    sugar caramel

    mixing ridi

    sesame seed brittle

    how to make ridi


    ridi hausa snack

    kantun ridi snack

    how to make ridi snack

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    3 comments on “Kantun Ridi”

    1. Zel Reply

      I have been looking for this recipe since forever. I’d there a substitute for sugar?

      • afrolems Reply

        More honey would be your best bet as a substitute but you require something that caramelizes so the candy sticks together.

    2. Sam Reply

      Hi, thank you so much. I lived in the north for 25yrs but after i came to Lagos, I lost touch with Ridi sellers, could not even find one in the popular mile 12 market. With your help I can now prepare this for my wife and kids. But where do i get Cinnamon powder.

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