• Semi Ripe Plantain Pottage

    This meal in my opinion is my quickest weekday dinner if i want something filling, spicy and tasty. I have written several plantain pottage recipes both on the blog and for other publications. The method is the same but you can modify it in different ways to fit what you like and according to what ingredients you have at home. Some people like to add all the protein options they have at home to their semi ripe plantain pottage. I personally do not like anything but seafood in my plantain pottage but no judgement to other people that like to add other kinds of ingredients to their pottage. One thing my grandma used to add to hers was scent leaves which if you do not live in Nigeria, you can substitute with basil leaves or any other fragrant vegetable. However, that should not be used as the main vegetable. Without further rambling, enjoy!

    Recipe for Semi Ripe Plantain Pottage


    4 semi-ripe plantain fingers

    3 pieces of Tomato (chopped)

    5 scotch bonnet peppers (ata rodo, chopped) reduce amount if you do not like spicy

    A handful of chopped red onions

    Seasoning cubes

    1 tablespoon of crayfish powder

    1 cup of chopped shrimp

    1 cup of chopped green vegetables (spinach)

    1 cooking spoon of scent leaves (basil leaves)

    1 cooking spoon of palm oil


    Peel your plantain, cube and place in a pot. Add the chopped tomatoes, pepper, onions and seasoning cubes. 

    Bring to boil with one cup of water on low to medium heat and allow plantain to soften. Add more water as needed.

    Add the chopped shrimp and crayfish powder and allow it to simmer for 3-5 minutes to allow the shrimp cook. 

    Add the palm oil and stir preferably with a wooden spoon. Add your vegetables, stir and take off the heat immediately. 

    Serve hot!

    semi ripe plantain pottage

    Photo by @Willyverse www.willyverse.com

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    1. Calabar Gal Reply

      This is another example of ‘fast food’. yours looks so yummy! I have tried this but did not add any tomatoes and it came out equally yummy! Thanks….

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