• Nigerian Peppered Gizzard Recipe

    As I write this post, Nigerian citizens are gearing up for the inauguration of a new president of Nigeria. This is a very significant time for Nigerians as for the first time in a long time, they feel like their voices were heard in terms of the voting process. The hashtag #Changeishere seems to be trending on twitter every other day as the citizens are debating what changes would be made first and what direction the new president should take in reforming Nigeria. We at this point are very hopeful for the best and cannot wait to see the amazing changes that would come with the new government in power. As we await these changes, I thought to myself what would be the perfect meal to go with this day of relaxation? Something light to snack on while watching the ceremony would be my favourite recipe of Nigerian peppered gizzard. I paired it with boiled corn this time as I here corn is starting to come into season in Nigeria. It is very simple to make especially if you have guests coming over and you are making large pots of amazing dishes. While they wait, you can wet their appetite with this simple appetizer.

    Recipe for Nigerian Peppered Gizzard

    Ingredients (Serves 3)

    3 cups of chopped gizzard

    10 scotch bonnet peppers (blended)

    4 cloves of garlic

    1/2 green bell pepper

    Handful of chopped red onions

    Handful of chopped red pepper

    Handful of chopped spring onions

    Handful of chopped green bell pepper

    1 tablespoon of oil

    Seasoning Cubes

    1 tablespoon of Suya Spice

    3 large pieces of Corn cobs

    1 tablespoon of butter

    1 teaspoon of Salt


    Wash and season your gizzard and bring to boil.

    Blend your scotch bonnet peppers and half the green bell pepper and set aside.

    Once the gizzard is soft, take it off the heat and save the stock for another cooking occasion.

    Wash  your corn and bring to boil with the salt. Once corn is soft, smear it with butter and allow to seat till gizzard is ready.

    Heat up your oil on medium heat and stir fry the chopped onions, peppers and garlic.

    Pour in the blended peppers and season with the suya spice and more seasoning cubes as needed.

    Allow to fry for a minute and toss in the gizzard and stir fry for a minute as well.

    Serve warm with the boiled corn.

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    6 comments on “Nigerian Peppered Gizzard Recipe”

    1. Calabar Gal Reply

      Question: The boiled gizzard is dished on to a plate and the sauce dished on top of the boiled gizzard?

    2. Contestchef Reply

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    3. afam Reply

      You didn’t mention what to do with the boiled gizzard. At what point do you combine the boiled gizzard with the peppered sauce

      • afrolems Reply

        Thank you for bringing this to my attention. The second line that said toss in the garlic, i meant to type gizzard. I have corrected it now 🙂

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