• How to Clean Shrimps and Prawns

    Recently, I have started monitoring how people arrive at my blog through their Google Searches and that has been really helpful in crafting a few of my posts. This post is one of such post. Someone recently searched how to clean shrimps so this post is for you whoever you are.

    Steps to Cleaning Shrimps and Prawn

    There are several methods to dressing shrimps and prawn as different people like to eat them differently. For example my mum and I like to leave half the shell on so we can chew on the shells later especially for the jumbo shrimps. Some people cannot stand the shells and that’s ok. Some people like completely bare shrimps and some others like everything plus the head on the prawn or shrimp. It’s really a preferential thing.

    For the Full Shrimp with everything on, You may want to take off the extra hangers on with a pair of kitchen scissors. That’s all the antennas and the legs of the shrimp. For the leg of the shrimps, you can easily break them off. For the antennas, if they don’t come off easily by you pulling them out, then use a pair of Kitchen scissors.

    how to dress shrimps

    For the Half-dressed Shrimp, Take off the head by pinching it towards the bottom part of the head of the shrimp or prawn. You would also need to pinch towards the bottom of the tail of the shrimp so you can pull out the tail without breaking the shrimp.

    Dressing jumbo shrimps

    For the full dressing, You need to completely peel off the shell on the body of the shrimp; head and tail inclusive. You would turn the shrimp over and devein it by using a small knife to cut across the back of the shrimp or prawn and pull out the black thread-like substance. Do the same for the front of the shrimp and rinse it.

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