• Fish Peppersoup 10th Shade of Valentines Cooking

    Nothing gets Nigerian men gingered like peppersoup. In my experience, once you tell a Nigerian man you have peppersoup, at that point you have the magic dish that is going to make him fall in love with you. You can pretty much make peppersoup out of any protein; goat meat, beef, chicken, fish, shrimp etc. I chose fish peppersoup today because I wanted to keep it light. However, for bulk, I added bell peppers and carrots just to fill you up. With all the water you will be drinking, you wont need more than that anyway. You could also serve this with boiled potatoes or yams. I have paired my fish peppersoup today with a game of “Ayo.” Not entirely sure of the english name but hey, it would be something fun to do while trying to survive the pepper. Enjoy xoxo

    P.s: You can use our Catfish Peppersoup recipe. Only things I did differently were using tilapia and skipping the broccoli

    naija peppersoup

    naija pepper soup

    7 comments on “Fish Peppersoup 10th Shade of Valentines Cooking”

    1. kolapo Reply

      Hi Afrolems,

      Please I just stumbled on ur site by mistake today. I’m hoping to learn how to cook everything possible from ur blog.

      Looks good , however I was expecting to see how to make this fish peppersoup, would like to make it with Yam and see how it tatses.

      Please include the recipe and how to make it.



    2. Ayoade Reply

      Hi Afrolem,

      what is the local name for broccoli please? and do you take cooking classes?


    3. Jowies Reply

      the recipe looks good but also looks incomplete without pepper soup spice(a combination of about 3 to 4 elements all grounded),thats wat really give it the peppersoup tastes. u can also add scent leave it also known as Efirin or Ishawu

      • Afrolems Reply

        Thank Jowies. Unfortunately in Canada we don’t have those ingredients so we work with what we have 🙂

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