• Ofada Stew or Designer Stew with Rice – 7th Day of Christmas

    For people that live in Surulere in Lagos, you would know the popular joint close to Akerele called Bank Olemoh. The Rice and stew served at the local restaurant (Buka) there is popularly called Bank Olemoh Rice or Designer rice or Designer stew and rice. The concept of designer stew is not the what we think in terms of name brands but the idea is to have multiple proteins in one pot of stew. Your proteins could range from beef to egg to tripe(shaki) to cow skin (pomo) to chicken etc. This stew is a little complex but indeed very interesting to make and it was the first dish Afrolems started with. Hope you find it easy to make. Seasons feedings….enjoy!

    Designer Stew Recipe



    Shaki (cow or goat tripe)

    Pomo (Cow skin)

    Cow Intestine(optional)


    or whatever other protein you would like to add

    8 tomatoes ( if you can get 2 of the pieces of tomato that are almost bad, that helps) – blended

    3 scotch bonnet peppers- blended

    1 red bell pepper- blended

    3 cooking spoons of palm oil

    1 bulb of onion- chopped

    1 tablespoon of dawa dawa (iru) or Locust beans

    2 tablespoons of salt

    1 table spoon of dry pepper

    4 cubes of Maggi


    *Wash, season and boil all protein.

    *Fry the protein separately till brown and somewhat crispy

    *Heat up 2 cooking spoons of palm oil till it turns clear. This is what is called bleaching of the oil. To prevent your smoke alarm from going off, continually take it off the burner to cool and re-heat till its clear.

    *Fry the Iru (locust beans) for 2 minutes and take out of the oil.

    * Toss in the onion and blended tomatoes and peppers and fry it dry.

    *Pour in the seasoning and stock from the boiled protein if any.

    *In a separate pot, bleach the rest of the palm oil.

    * Pour in the fried protein into the pot of stew

    *Once the other oil is bleached, pour into the pot of stew. (Be careful not to let it splash on your face so pour it with the cover of the pot protecting your face)

    * stir in and allow to simmer for about 3 minutes.

    Serve with White rice and plantain. designer stew

    10 comments on “Ofada Stew or Designer Stew with Rice – 7th Day of Christmas”

    1. Chopfood Reply

      I was thought Ofada Stew was the same as Designer stew. This looks really good!

    2. Ehi's Cakes Reply

      Great Job! I think Ofada stew is different. I was actually glad about your introductory write-up cos I’ve been searching out designer stew recipes and non seemed right. Ofada stew uses green pepper and has this greenish look to it. Its meat products are not necessarily fried while designer stew is all-item-fried, brownish-red and very well described as Bank Olemoh Rice stew, probably iya ruka stew (old Tejuosho market in Yaba) and uses lots of the long dry chilli: Sombo.

    3. oye Reply

      Really nice blog. i would link this page to my site. this is how i tell my customers to always cook their ofada rice and stew. If anyone wants to buy Ofada rice this festive season either for the family consumption or gift bags please visit my site.

    4. isistorm Reply

      I think with some grounded crayfish added to it will not be a bad idea.

    5. eloghene oboh Reply

      Is it the green tatashe pepper or the green chilli pepper that is used to prepare it?

      • afrolems Reply

        I use the green tatashe and the chili as well but if you do not like the heat, stick to the green tatashe.

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