What are Scotch Bonnet Peppers?

This post is birthed from comments I have been getting recently about names of some ingredients Nigerians use and how to find them. I may not have the full list of names but what I have I will share with time. Today’s ingredient is Scotch Bonnet Peppers.

Scotch Bonnet, which is also known as  Bonney peppers, Caribbean red peppers, Ata Rodo or Fresh Pepper is a variety of chili pepper. This is commonly used in many Nigerian dishes to make the food really spicy. If you hate spicy food, I will advise you stay away from this particular ingredient in my recipes or use this sparingly. This type of chilli pepper has a sweeter flavour and stouter shape,than Habanero pepper. The taste also varies depending on how ripe it is. The yellow version is extra spicy and has a much different flavor from the red and green and just as a personal preference, I use the yellow ones for soups. I use the red ones for stews and the green ones for sauces. This is just a personal preference and has no bearing on what you should use each one for but I find these work for me in this way.

ata rodo for nigerian food
Source: Spicebaby.com

11 thoughts on “What are Scotch Bonnet Peppers?

  1. Thanks for this article,however if one is allergic to ata rodo what would be a substitute because I still like my food spicy

    1. Hello Nina, it depends on what in the pepper you are allergic to. I cannot recommend anything because I am not sure the exact cause of your allergic reaction. I recommend speaking to a doctor as they would be in a better position to advice you.

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