How to Make Gbegiri (Beans) Nigerian Soup – Feyisope Akinyosoye

When some people think of beans, they assume there are only few ways you can make it. Gbegiri is soup made from beans and it is easy to make and very tasty. This is a traditional Nigerian recipe that is specific to the Yoruba People. Many Nigerian Soups have their variations. Gbegiri is on of those dishes. You can add or subtract from it to fit your taste buds. Some like it really spicy and some like it mild. Gbegiri is a Yoruba word which means ‘beans’. Vegetarians can have their version of this dish by skipping on the meat, chicken etc but still getting the protein requirement from this meal. Enjoy the Afrolems version of the Gbegiri Recipe.


1/2 cup of beans

Red Oil

Stock (Dry) Fish




Grounded Crayfish

Dry Pepper

Blended pepper and Tomato


Soak the beans in some hot water; this makes it easier for the back of the beans to come off

Wash the beans until it is completely clean.

Put it in a pan and allow to boil for an hour and 30 minutes or until it is completely soft and mushy.

In another pot, boil your meat and add the necessary seasoning.

Using a sieve, extract the liquified beans. Use a spoon as this is easier, and it will help remove all the water completely.

Transfer the extraction into a clean pot and add the red oil, a little blended pepper, and dry pepper.

Allow to boil for 3-5 minutes, then add the meat stock.

Season to taste

Add the dry fish( ensure you soak the dry fish in some hot salted water before using it)  and the cray fish.

Allow to boil on low heat for 10 minutes.

You can serve with ewedu (jute leaves) and pounded yam or amala.

bean soup
bean soup and pounded yam

nigerian soups yoruba

nigerian food afrolems

17 thoughts on “How to Make Gbegiri (Beans) Nigerian Soup – Feyisope Akinyosoye

  1. Sounds very tasty. Because of this recipe and a couple others I saw on your page, I think I will follow your blog and start looking for additional Nigerian food to incorporate into my kitchen. Living near Newark, NJ there are a lot of Nigerians nearby who go to African resturants, but as somebody who was never before introduced to African food or the cultures that make Africa an entire continent and not just one nationality, I never really got a chance to try it. Thank you for this post and I will be looking forward to more!

  2. Sounds so detailed and professional. Thank u. I’ve been trying to make d soup myself but didn’t have a clue on how to go about it. This will really help. Keep up d good work. Thanks again.

  3. i wud def make gbegiri this weekend.
    love ur blog. am not so good in cooking so i need follow u and try out ur recipes to enhance my cooking skills.

  4. Thanks for the tips. Gbegiri soup is very nutritional and used as complementary feeding for children for 6 months of age. In that case, it is not made to be watery, but slightly thick with a similar texture like akamu (ogi) and similar foods. It has to be cooked longer than the washed one to avoid causing diahroea. Mothers should give this a trial to see the benefits!

    There is also a version that do not require the beans to be washed. The beans is cleaned of impurities and ground into powder and then added into the soup the way you add, egwusi, ogbono, beniseed, etc. I also add light vegetables such as ugu, spinach, etc to it and it is very delicious.

  5. Gbegiri soup is my favourite soup, to make this soup taste better follow this method:
    1/2- 1 cup of beans
    small pieceof potash
    1 .onions
    Soft locust bean
    palm oil/red oil
    salt to taste
    1-2 cubes of knor/ maggi
    Dry fish (optional)
    blended dry cray fish
    beaf/ chicken (optional)
    blended pepper wt little tomatoes
    mashing broom/ blender.
    soak the beans either white or brown in water for some minutes to remove it offals
    then soak in water for 30 minutes to make it soft
    Pour water inthe pot and put it on fire and add the.beans , potash and sliced onions allow it to cook till it becomes very tender use the mashing broom to mash it together or( blend) then sieve it to remove the smother part in liquid form.
    after sieving pour it in a pot add pepper ,cooked beef or chicken, cray fish,dry fish(cut in to pieces) Maggi, locust bean,red oil,salt and allow it to cook in a low temp for 10 – 20 minutes then your gbegiri ready to eat.It delicious and very nutritious . It can be eating with amala , fufu or any kind of swallow food. i love it yummy….

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