How to Make Afang Soup

This is a nutritious dish that is served mostly in the Southern and Eastern part of Nigeria. The food is specific to the Efik tribe amongst other dishes like; Edikang Ikong, Afia efere, Efere Abak etc. The people of the Efik tribe are located mainly in Cross River State and Akwa-Ibom State. This dish is also known as Ukazi soup and is cooked differently by the Igbos. Another name for Afang leaves is Cnetum africanum. I have prepared Afang the way the Efik people make it.


* Afang leaves - Shredded and Pounded

*Water leaves /Spinach – a bundle

* Beef

* Shaki (beef tripe)

*Kpomo (Cow Skin)

* Dry Fish

* Crayfish

*Dry blended crayfish

* Fresh pepper (optional)

* Maggi Cubes – 4

*Dry pepper – 1 teaspoon

*Palm oil – 3 cooking spoons

*3 cups of water

* Salt – 3 teaspoons


#Shred and Pound the afang leaves till a smooth mashed texture is achieved.

#Wash the water leaves or spinach and shred

#Wash the beef, shaki and kpomo and put in a pot to boil with 2 cups of water, 2 teaspoons of salt, dry pepper, 2 cubes of maggi and boil till the beef and kpomo are soft. Take out the shaki if need be so it doesnt become too soft and put back once the beef and kpomo are soft.

#Wash the dry fish and and the crayfish and add to the pot allow to boil for 5 minutes then add half a cup of water if the water is drying up.

#Add the blended dry crayfish and the remaining salt and Maggi cubes

#Add the water leaf or spinach and the cut up fresh pepper and allow to simmer for 3 minutes

#Add the pounded Afang leaves and stir in.

#Add the palm oil and allow to simmer for 2 minutes.

Serve with Pounded yam, Eba (Garri or Cassava flakes), Fufu or Semovita.

afang okazi ukazi soup

Calabar soup

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