How Afrolems makes Moin-Moin

Moin-Moin is a pudding that is typically served in the south-western part of Nigeria. There have been different variations on the recipe of Moin-moin but the very constant ingredient in this pudding-like dish is black-eyed peas. To replace the soaking process, I have seen the powdered version of the blended black-eyed peas. This eliminates the process and helps you serve the dish in a few hours. There have been some creative servings of Moin-Moin like Lohi’s creation’s version and 9ja Foodie’s version.
Here is the Afrolems version
*2cups of Beans
* 4 pieces of tomato
*2 pieces of pepper
* 1 tablespoon dry crayfish
* 1 boiled egg (optional)
*8 pieces of shrimp (optional)
* 1 cooking spoon of Palm Oil
* 2 maggi cubes
* 1 teaspoon Salt
* Foil paper
  1. Wash and Soak the beans in a large container for 4 hours or overnight
  2. Grease the empty cans or foil if that is what you choose to use
    • If using empty cans, make sure their interior is clean, and lightly greased.
    • If using foil
    • Tear off about 1 foot of the foil.
    • Fold the foil in half.
    • One of the edges is closed and fine. For two of the other edges, roll them a few times over to make sure they will take the weight of the mixture.
    • When you are done, the foil will look like rectangles with only one edge open.
  3. Rub the beans between your hands to peel the skin off as though you are scrubbing it. Keep doing this until you have most of the skin off the beans.
  4. Grind the beans into a smooth, finely-ground, mostly-liquid paste.
  5. Add blended tomatoes, pepper,  palm oil ,salt and Maggi. If you have the extra items you can add this now example ;boiled eggs and shrimp .
  6. Place into either the foil or the cans.
    • If using cans, simply pour some of the batter into the cans, making sure you leave enough room for the cooking moin moin to rise.
    • If using foil, pour some of the batter into the foil, and then close up the last edge of the foil (once again, by rolling it securely).
  7. Place some water in a large pot.
  8. Place the cans or the foil into them.
  9. Boil the moin moin until solid on low heat so the steam cooks it properly. This usually takes 1 hour 30 minutes
  10. Remove them from the cans or the foil before serving.


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