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    Cheesy Yam Balls

    Cheesy Yam Balls are little balls of heaven. The recipe combines some of my guilty pleasures with cheese being a major culprit. My friends and I used to sit and bond over wine, cheese, almonds and raisins. You can tell I love the good life. Well I decided to bring my love for all things

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    Spicy Croaker Fish and Mashed Yam

    Being a lover of seafood, i think the most appropriate gift to give to my mom this Mother’s day is to dedicate this post to her. I love you mama. She also shares a very strong passion for food but luckily for her, it doesn’t show on her as much as it does me lol.

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    Dundu and Shrimp Sauce

    Dundu is a Nigerian recipe that is specific to the Yoruba tribe. I have spoken to many people asking how to make it in different ways and I have heard people use plantain, coco yam, sweet potatoes and yam. I have chosen to use Yam for mine and I will serve my Dundu with spicy

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