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    Quinoa Lettuce Wrap – 14th Shade of Valentines Cooking

    Happy Valentine’s day everyone. Hope your day has been filled with yummy treats and good food and chocolates. For people that do not have a significant other this valentine’s day, try to make the most of it with your friends. Remember it is about showing love 🙂 #doneranting Now we have a unique recipe from

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    naija pepper soup

    Fish Peppersoup 10th Shade of Valentines Cooking

    Nothing gets Nigerian men gingered like peppersoup. In my experience, once you tell a Nigerian man you have peppersoup, at that point you have the magic dish that is going to make him fall in love with you. You can pretty much make peppersoup out of any protein; goat meat, beef, chicken, fish, shrimp etc.

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    ogede plantain dish

    Coconut Plantain Shrimp Infusion 6th Shade of Valentines Cooking

    Plantain is a staple ingredient in the Nigerian menu and it definitely had to feature in our valentines series. The sweet flavours of the plantain and coconut infused with the savoury taste of shrimps ought to get your significant other inspired and loving you. I recommend that the men make this dish by the way.

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