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    Rice and Stew Very Plenty – RSVP

    Am I the only one that thought RSVP meant Rice and Stew Very Plenty? Come on guys you know you did too hehe. This past week, I went to visit my friend’s mum and she was telling me about Igala recipes and it hit me that a lot of Nigerian dishes are variations of the

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    Promo Post: Ocean 11 Seafood

    Oceans11 Seafood prides itself as an exclusive seafood cafe, opened 24 hours and offers home/office delivery anytime anywhere, with a complimentary Blood Pressure Check-up, every time you visit. Eleven seafood – Snails, Crabs, Prawns, Shrimps, Catfish, Croakers, Tilapia, Lobster, Fillets, Mackerel and Salmon; grilled, cooked and/or spiced to sting your taste buds with the culinary

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    Seafood Plantain Pottage

    This was a dish that I so badly wanted to put up on the blog but I decided to send it to Ynaija instead. It would still be on the internet either way. I enjoyed making it and had a serious craving for it. Seafood Plantain pottage is just one of those dishes that would

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