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    Shrimp Tomato Peppersoup

    Valentines day is fast approaching, have you drawn up your menu? Do you need any last minute recipes that we haven’t featured on the blog? We may be able to help you if you let us know early. Another recipe you could try is our shrimp tomato pepper-soup. You can use any protein, but just

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    Adalu Recipe

    Beans is one of my favorite dishes. I think this has a little bit to do with my dad. He is diabetic and he has a limited amount of dishes he can consume so beans became his best meal. I am certain it was even before diabetes reared its ugly head however, I grew up

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    Rice and Beans

    Rice and beans is a winning combination any day. So I joined this amazing group this year on Facebook called “So you think you can cook” and there is a challenge this week to create a beans recipe. I started thinking a little too deeply about what to create, I started thinking along the lines of

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    Peri Peri Chicken and Savoury Rice

    The Portuguese people I have to admit have this one on lock down. I remember when Barcelos and Nandos came to Nigeria. Chicken was never the same again for me. I was always curious as to how they made their Peri-Peri Sauce. I have to admit, I haven’t completely mastered the sauce, but I got

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    Croaker Fish Kè Cream

    If you are following Afrolems on Facebook or Instagram which you should be *straight face* you would have seen the picture of this dish. I also tweeted about how difficult it is to season croaker and many people agreed with me. Have you ever had to cook croaker in the regular Nigerian stew? It always

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    Ogbono Soup

    I was blog trolling one saturday afternoon and came across Kitchen butterfly’s ogbono soup pictures and holy moly I could not stop thinking about Ogbono soup that day. The next day I ran to the african store and started stocking up on things I needed for this amazing dish. I was literally singing all the way

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