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    Rice and Stew Very Plenty – RSVP

    Am I the only one that thought RSVP meant Rice and Stew Very Plenty? Come on guys you know you did too hehe. This past week, I went to visit my friend’s mum and she was telling me about Igala recipes and it hit me that a lot of Nigerian dishes are variations of the

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    Nigerian Rice and Stew (Classic Vintage Nigerian Meal)

    This is something i love to call the Vintage Nigerian meal…Everybody that lived or lives in Nigeria at some point just had or still has just rice, stew and dodo. This is very simple to prepare and does not take a lot of time. The recipe is seen below Ingredients *2cups – Rice *10 cubes

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    White Rice, Snail (Escargot) Stew and Dodo (Plantain)

    This was my dinner tonight. White rice, snail or escargot stew and dodo popularly known as fried plantain. Leave a comment if you want the recipe for this.