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    Coconut Fish Pepper soup and Plantain

    Coconut Fish Pepper soup with Plantain If ever I were stuck on an island, I think this would be my go-to meal. I am not certain how I would get the spices to flavor the dish but it would definitely be my first meal. Why add coconut milk to my pepper soup you ask? I

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    Catfish PepperSoup and Yam

    Growing up I was never a fan of catfish. The experiences at Tejuoso market watching my mum negotiate on the price of the fish while the fish thrashed violently in the bowl was enough to scar me. My mum also made the watery fishy stew called imoyo with Catfish and we had that with Okro

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    Goat Meat Pepper Soup with Boiled Plantain

    On a sunday evening, my mum suggested we visit my cousin’s house and take some ingredients to make pepper soup. I peeled and washed my unripe plantain, picked a few scent leaves from her garden and washed the goat meat. I seasoned everything, placed in a pot and we were on our merry way. We

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