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    Gizzard Pepper Soup Recipe

    Gizzard pepper soup has been my comfort all through this rainy season especially with yam and plantain. I always need something light that helps clear aways the pending cold. I made some soup with some of the traditional Nigerian pepper soup spices and absolutely loved it. You can eat the pepper soup with boiled yams,

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    Promo Post: Candy’s Kitchen

    Candy’s kitchen is a pick up and delivery place located in Lekki,Lagos.We offer home made delicacies prepared under the most hygienic conditions. We serve soups (Edikaikong,Banga,Oha,Black soup,Egusi,Owo,Efi riro,Afang,Ogbono,pepper soup, all served with any swallow of your choice.We also offer: Firewood Jollof Rice, ofada & white Rice (served with designer stew).  Twitter: candys_kitchen   Phone: 08167649829

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    Seafood Efo Riro without Oil and Boiled Plantain

    I posted this dish on Facebook with the above caption and of course the questions came flooding in :). I love sparking conversations. This dish is not as complex as it seems. It’s the same concept as tomato pepper soup or tomato stew without oil. Instead of frying anything, you are just boiling the tomato

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    Goat Meat Pepper Soup with Boiled Plantain

    On a sunday evening, my mum suggested we visit my cousin’s house and take some ingredients to make pepper soup. I peeled and washed my unripe plantain, picked a few scent leaves from her garden and washed the goat meat. I seasoned everything, placed in a pot and we were on our merry way. We

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    NIgerian beef peppersoup

    Nigerian Beef Pepper soup and Macaroni.

    I realize that this combo might be slightly intriguing but stay with me 🙂 I promise this is a good one. As a whole bunch of my friends have caught the sniffles recently I thought I’d do something to clear those airways and cheer them up. However as I choose route of the avant garde

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