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    Order Nigerian Food in Toronto for a Limited time

    Everyone has been asking what ever happened to the weekly orders. Well things have been a little crazy recently. So for a very limited time, I would be offering small bowls of 6 dishes $15 dollars each. If you live within the Greater toronto area, You can place your order for any of these dishes

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    Ewa Agoyin (Stewed Beans Porridge) – Feyisope

    Breakfast in Nigeria is full of all kinds of interesting dishes. You know the saying eat breakfast like a king? This dish is definitely in that category. It is originally a Togolese dish but as usual Nigerians take everything and make it their own lol. I call it creative borrowing, sharing is caring right? The

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    Sardine Omelette- Quick Meal- David

    Average cooking time <15mins Total meal cost about 7 dollars ( with leftovers) Hey all its been a while but here is something for you. Its fast, practical and cheap (good for students). I always keep an emergency 3 cans of sardines and eggs for times when I run out of protein sources. For me

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    Order Nigerian Food In Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Hamilton, Scarborough, North York For Thanksgiving

    Hi Afrolems Faithfuls and Newbies, Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Lots of orders have come in already but there is still space for a few more orders for the Thanksgiving weekend. So if you are thinking of hosting a party this weekend or just a little gathering to have family over and have tasty

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    White Rice, Snail (Escargot) Stew and Dodo (Plantain)

    This was my dinner tonight. White rice, snail or escargot stew and dodo popularly known as fried plantain. Leave a comment if you want the recipe for this.

    Order Nigerian Food in the GTA.

    As you probably already know or not, Afrolems provides catering services to the Nigerians in Toronto and the GTA as a whole. Afrolems is still searching for chefs in Ottawa, Hamilton and the GTA. If you are interested, email afrolems@gmail.com. Just decided to leave a little picture of my dinner. Not much to look at

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