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    Okro Tomato Peppersoup

    As a Nigerian, my senses are wired to receive spicy food and Okro Tomato Peppersoup is on that list like no man’s business. Traditionally, Okro Peppersoup is consumed in Nigeria without the tomato but I decided to make mine a more wholesome soup by including more vitamin C in it. The tomato also gives the soup a

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    Otong Soup

    Otong soup and ayan ekpang is my dad’s favourite dish. Till tomorrow I will never understand why. If you want to get anything from him, just make this dish or beans and he would be willing to do almost anything. Ok i may be exaggerating a bit but he really does like it. For those

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    Okro Soup Recipe | Ila Alasekpo | Otong Soup

    The Yorubas call it Ila Alasekpo, the Efiks call it Otong soup, Others might just call it okro with spinach. Once i posted the photo of the meal, lots of people asked for the recipe so here it is. Ingredients 2cups of Okro Beef Dry Fish Honeycomb Tripe Cow Skin Cow foot 2 cups of

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