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    Rice and Stew Very Plenty – RSVP

    Am I the only one that thought RSVP meant Rice and Stew Very Plenty? Come on guys you know you did too hehe. This past week, I went to visit my friend’s mum and she was telling me about Igala recipes and it hit me that a lot of Nigerian dishes are variations of the

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    corn soup

    Corn and Chicken Soup by Afrolems

    Corn and Chicken Soup was the standard appetizer my mum ordered for us at Chinese restaurants growing up in Nigeria. She knew we loved it and would never waste it so it was the compulsory starter with some vegetable spring rolls. Many years it is still a favorite for me. It is not traditionally a

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    cocoyam recipes

    Ekpang Nkukwo Recipe – Cocoyam pottage

    Ekpang Nkukwo was a high in demand recipe from many of the Afrolems fans. I posted the photo of the meal seven days to Christmas and since then Ekpang Nkukwo has been on the mind of many of my Afrolems followers. It is a native Efik meal and apparently is also native to Cameroonians. The English

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    Nigerian Beans Pottage and Plantain

    Nigerian beans pottage is a staple in the food culture here in Nigeria. It is also a staple amongst many african countries. For example, Ghanians call beans pottage “Red Red” which seems to be a play on the how the palm oil looks in the pottage. Other countries in Africa add some more ingredients to

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    How to Make Afang Soup

    Afang Soup is a nutritious dish that is served mostly in the Southern and Eastern part of Nigeria. This soup is typically associated with the Efik tribe in Nigeria amongst other dishes like; Edikang Ikong, Afia efere, Efere Abak etc. The people of the Efik tribe are located mainly in Cross River State and Akwa-Ibom State.

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