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    party jollof rice recipe

    How to Make Party Jollof Rice

    Party Jollof Rice I cannot believe this blog has been up and running for as long as it has been and doesn’t have the recipe for party jollof rice. Please forgive me dear Blog followers. Jollof rice is a dish that every nigerian chef seems to make differently. I prefer my jollof rice very spicy

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    Ewa Agoyin (Stewed Beans Porridge) – Feyisope

    Breakfast in Nigeria is full of all kinds of interesting dishes. You know the saying eat breakfast like a king? This dish is definitely in that category. It is originally a Togolese dish but as usual Nigerians take everything and make it their own lol. I call it creative borrowing, sharing is caring right? The

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    Potato avec Shrimp et Fish Medley

    Hello Afrolems Fans and Followers, Hope everyone had an amazing weekend. On our Facebook Page, we promised everyone a surprise. Well one of the surprises is that we are starting the Afrolems Healthy Challenge. We are giving up a few things and trying a few new recipes. The first thing we are giving up is

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