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    Shakara Yamarita

    Shakara Yamarita was as a result of serious cravings I had for yam, egg and smoked beef. I decided to indulge myself for breakfast yesterday before work. I know, I know, who makes such decadent breakfast before work? Well in my defense, I had chopped all the vegetables and smoked beef the night before. The

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    Semolina Pancakes

    At the beginning of the year, I always look through my pantry to check for products that are expired or near their expiration date so they can be used up really quickly. One of such products i found was our pack of semolina. Throughout the year, it is not a hot swallow on the list

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    Potato and Egg Stew Recipe

    When I was in primary school, my grandma used to come occasionally to help out when my mum went on business trips. I really enjoyed this time because breakfast and dinner were always amazing. I didn’t enjoy lunch so much because she insisted on Eba and soups I did not like growing up so I

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