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    Abacha African Salad

    My very first encounter with Abacha African Salad dish was back in Queens College with one of my Igbo lesson teachers. She always sent one of the students to get it before she got down to business. She was nice enough to ask us if we wanted some and for the people that knew what it

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    Nigerian Buns

    Growing up I am not sure which one I preferred. Nigerian Buns or Puff Puff? I think at the time, I just kind of went with whatever was given to me. It was a treat so hey I was not complaining. If you have followed my blog for a while, you know pastries are not

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    Asian Inspired – Salmon and Baked Vegetable Medley

    This meal is for the health enthusiasts in the audience. It was really simple and I must say easy to prepare! Ingredients 1 pound salmon (skinless) 1 Teaspoon of Coconut Oil or Olive Oil 1 Pinch of salt 1 Thick Slice of Red Onion 3 cups of Baby bok choy (this is a Chinese vegetable

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    Easter in Calabar

    For those that are following the Afrolems account on Facebook and Twitter, I promised you guys a video of my Easter trip. It is not solely related to food but hey what’s a general video going to do once in a while 🙂 Enjoy

    Bole and Peppered Snail inspired by 1Q Food Platter

    For those that do not know what Bole is, its roasted plantain and you would usually find women in Nigeria sitting by an open fire, roasting plantain and selling it with peanuts. This week, one of my favourite blogs 1Q Food Platter posted a similar recipe. I say favourite because I am biased. My mum

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