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    Scent Leaf Fried Rice

    Scent leaf fried rice has been on my mind for a few months primarily because it reminds me of basil fried rice. One thing I miss about living outside Nigeria is authentic Asian food. Thai, Vietnamese, Korean food are some of my favorites. They are so full of flavor, I hope some people will open

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    Native Jollof Rice – Iwuk Edesi

    This Native Jollof Rice recipe has been a long time coming. For every time  i tried to write a post on it, it always got bumped for another dish. Believe it or not I have been trying to write this particular post since 2010. Finally 3 years later, here we are and probably better than

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    Coconut Rice, Peppered Beef, Potato Salad and Dodo for Democracy Day

    Hello there beautiful people! Afrolems has missed you and for Democracy day, I came back with something extra special. My friend is moving to Calgary this weekend and I decided to give her a little (well, HUGE treat). Being a Calabar girl like me, spicy food is right up her alley. To create a balance nonetheless,

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    Dundu and Shrimp Sauce

    Dundu is a Nigerian recipe that is specific to the Yoruba tribe. I have spoken to many people asking how to make it in different ways and I have heard people use plantain, coco yam, sweet potatoes and yam. I have chosen to use Yam for mine and I will serve my Dundu with spicy

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    Nkwobi Recipe from Afrolems

    Nkwobi is a dish that is traditionally eaten by the Ibo people (a main tribe in Nigeria). It is a very rich dish but slightly high on the calories. If you are watching your weight, you should limit the palm oil and amount of potash in the dish. Hope you have a lot of success

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    How to Make Dodo Gizzard or Gizdo

    This dodo gizzard dish has been without a doubt one of the most popular dishes ordered in all my years of catering. It is always a crowd pleaser. The sweetness of the plantain and the crunchiness of the gizzard seems to do an amazing job impressing everyone. It is always the first item on the

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