Danwake Recipe

The first time I heard about Danwake was from one of my hausa friends and she admitted that it was one of her favourite dishes especially served with a very spicy sauce and I use the term sauce loosely. The sauce comprising of oil, pepper, salt. She also said sometimes it is served with lemon

Dambu Nama

In this post, I have no interesting story as to why I decided to make Dambu Nama. I just had a craving for it and went into my kitchen and whipped this up. Did not take as much time as I thought it would which was good but I lacked a somewhat important tool in

Afrolems Met Chef Fregz : Hausa Inspired

For many people that live in Nigeria, you must have heard of Chef Fregz or seen him on TV( Knorr Taste Quest Show..ring a bell?). This dude has amazingggggg culinary skills and is super friendly. I always heard about this guy that went to Olashore (High school in Nigeria) that did amazing things with food