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danwake hausa dumpling 7
The first time I heard about Danwake was from one of my hausa friends and she admitted that it was one of her favourite dishes especially served with a very spicy sauce and I use the term sauce loosely. The sauce comprising of oil, pepper, salt. She also said sometimes […]

Danwake Recipe

hausa meat dambu nama
In this post, I have no interesting story as to why I decided to make Dambu Nama. I just had a craving for it and went into my kitchen and whipped this up. Did not take as much time as I thought it would which was good but I lacked […]

Dambu Nama

spicy curried goat and tuwo rice hausa nigerian food 21
For many people that live in Nigeria, you must have heard of Chef Fregz or seen him on TV( Knorr Taste Quest Show..ring a bell?). This dude has amazingggggg culinary skills and is super friendly. I always heard about this guy that went to Olashore (High school in Nigeria) that […]

Afrolems Met Chef Fregz : Hausa Inspired