Chef Fregz Special 5 3
Hi Guys, so I was privileged to meet the amazing Chef Fregz at the Chef Fregz Special that took place at GET Arena in Lagos this past weekend. I was so thrilled to actually enter the kitchen it was awesome in a busy way. And I got to see him […]

Chef Fregz ‘Asia-Fric’ Special

Have you ever thought about precolonial love? If we had never been exposed to pasta Alfredo or even Jollof rice what would we consider “romantic food”. Well in my opinion, nothing says ‘I love you’ more than Vegetable soup in this case Afang soup with an assortment of meat, snails, […]

Green Shades of Afang Soup 4th day of Valentine Cooking

I don’t know if you guys are fond of chicken as much as I am, because I personally eat chicken more than any other thing. Not only because chicken meat tastes good, but also because I find it pretty quick and easy to cook. There are however a few days […]

Fish in onion sauce (Fish Yassa) by Oumou for Kadi ...