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    Chicken Drumsticks with Sweet and Sour Sauce

    French Drumsticks – 9th Shade of Valentines Cooking

    I know you would say Afrolems has come again. Which one is french drumsticks? Actually its the cut of the drumsticks that makes it french. This is an easy recipe to make. Sometimes skipping carbs is the way to go this valentines season. You can balance it with some more veggies or if you absolutely

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    moi moi

    Protein or Carbohydrates? Which is the Luxury item in a meal?

    Is dieting the best idea? I have many friends that go on numerous diets month after month and still end up gaining all the weight back(myself included). I do understand that when you are in the process of losing weight, you would need to limit your intake of certain items. However, sometimes it makes me

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