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    Ekuru and Ata Din Din

    There are many recipes in my archives that never made it to the blog last year and Ekuru is one of them also known as Ofuloju. There are really many things to do with Nigerian beans (black eyed peas), we have akara, moin-moin, beans pottage and a host of other things. Ata Din din is

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    moi moi

    Protein or Carbohydrates? Which is the Luxury item in a meal?

    Is dieting the best idea? I have many friends that go on numerous diets month after month and still end up gaining all the weight back(myself included). I do understand that when you are in the process of losing weight, you would need to limit your intake of certain items. However, sometimes it makes me

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    Nigerian Beans Pottage and Plantain

    Nigerian beans pottage is a staple in the food culture here in Nigeria. It is also a staple amongst many african countries. For example, Ghanians call beans pottage “Red Red” which seems to be a play on the how the palm oil looks in the pottage. Other countries in Africa add some more ingredients to

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    How Afrolems makes Moin-Moin

    Moin-Moin is a pudding that is typically served in the south-western part of Nigeria. There have been different variations on the recipe of Moin-moin but the very constant ingredient in this pudding-like dish is black-eyed peas. To replace the soaking process, I have seen the powdered version of the blended black-eyed peas. This eliminates the

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