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    Garlic Bread Homemade recipe

    Garlic bread is one of my favourite appetizers to indulge in when I am in the mood to cook a fancy meal. I especially love the cheesy garlic bread version. I would typically use parmesan cheese or cheddar cheese. Matured cheddar cheese though, as I feel it has a bit more flavour. I think I would

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    Agege French Toast Roll Up

    Agege French Toast was originally on my menu the day I made this breakfast dish. I then did not feel like having a sweet dish for breakfast so I decided to go savoury. I had some sausages in the fridge and decided to make Agege French Toast Roll ups with a pigs in a blanket

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    Happy New Year from Afrolems

    Happy New Year to all my beloved Afrolems Fans. I bet you all had an amazing holiday filled with yummy dishes and recipes. I did as well. I was in Nigeria for the Holidays and threw down with my mum on a number of occasions. I also saw some interesting cooking scenarios and also met

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