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    Scent leaf Garlic Mashed Potatoes

    Scent leaf Garlic Mashed Potatoes I enjoy the creaminess and silky texture of well made mashed potatoes. It’s one of those comfort meals that requires little effort on your part (except if you’re mashing a large quantity, then you might need to flex your muscles a bit lol) I was looking to add a different

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    Dodo and Egg Nigerian Breakfast

    Dodo and Egg is one of the traditional breakfast options in a Nigerian household. If you are not Nigerian, you are wondering if I am talking about a dodo egg, No 🙂 Dodo is also known as Fried Plantain in Nigeria. Not sure why we came up with that name but hey, it’s here to

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    Home Made Burger Recipe

    Home Made Burger Recipe Whenever I serve my burger recipes at a private event, I constantly get questions on how I got it to be so tasty? Sometimes we go out to buy burgers and we are upset at the waste of money and possibly calories. If I am going to sin, I may as well

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    Accra Food Festival 2016

    Accra Food Festival 2016 – Highlights A Facebook ad popped up a few months ago notifying me about a food festival that was going to happen in Accra. The food blogger in me got excited and I clicked to find out more information. After a short supposedly convincing conversation with my mum, we decided to book

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    how to make ayamase jollof

    Ayamase Jollof Rice

    The tale of my Ayamase Jollof Rice First of all, I need to apologize to everyone that has been trying to access my site and has had little luck. Even I was locked out. Technology does not always cooperate but we have to make it work somehow. Second of all, I hope you are as

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    plantain fries and avocado

    Buttered Plantain Fries and Seasoned Avocado

    Plantain fries prepared in butter is the best thing you can try this week. Have you ever tried to make bole at home and smear butter over it? ohh la la. When the butter caramelizes on the plantain whoosh, It’s almost like toffee. It actually inspired a dessert I made a while ago called Plantain

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    world jollof rice day

    World Jollof Rice Day 2016

    The first World Jollof Rice day happened last year. I kept thinking to myself why wasn’t this even done earlier? No matter what, it’s never too late to dedicate a day to celebrate Jollof Rice. Jollof rice is a dish that once you learn to make it, you officially receive the honorary title of being a great

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    nigerian plantain fritatas

    Plantain Fritatas

    Are Plantain Fritatas a part of your breakfast menu in Nigeria? No? You have to make it a thing. Its so easy to make and you can always modify the recipe to fit your taste. Sometimes I add sausages, chicken or even shrimp to my plantain fritatas to give me a wholesome meal. If you

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    how to make chinese fried rice

    Chinese Fried Rice

    I got this Chinese Fried Rice recipe from a Filipino colleague and I enjoy the flavor that the soy sauce and sesame oil gives to the rice. Asian style fried rice is one of my favorite international cuisine and it’s nice to finally have a recipe that works for me. You can easily find soy sauce

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