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    Rice pudding dessert

    Coconut Rice Pudding

    Coconut Rice pudding? Yes Coconut Rice pudding is amazing. Dessert from our beloved Rice is a huge possibility just open your mind 🙂 Tuwo Rice is one of those grains that lay in my house without quick uses. Partly because I am not hausa so I don’t always have a lot of use for it.

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    nigerian vegetable rice

    Vegetable Rice

    The search for nutritious dishes is very real and that gave birth to this vegetable rice dish. I look for new creative ways to infuse vegetables into my everyday meals because of their high vitamin and mineral content daily. The older you get, the more vitamins you need to function and even look healthy. Rice is

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    spicy okro peppersoup

    Okro Tomato Peppersoup

    As a Nigerian, my senses are wired to receive spicy food and Okro Tomato Peppersoup is on that list like no man’s business. Traditionally, Okro Peppersoup is consumed in Nigeria without the tomato but I decided to make mine a more wholesome soup by including more vitamin C in it. The tomato also gives the soup a

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    tomato chicken curry

    Tomato Chicken Curry with Rice

    Who doesn’t like a good tomato chicken curry sauce? Especially if it’s delicious and very straight forward? Sounds like a win-win to me. My Nigerian followers are always asking for sauces to eat white rice with. Your prayers have been answered with this easy recipe. If you live in Nigeria or have ever visited a

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    banana milo pudding

    Banana Milo Pudding

    The day I was all set to make this Banana Milo pudding at home, I ran downstairs with glee at the thought of tasting the final product. I was so sure I had seen the bananas on the banana stand in the kitchen the day before. Notice I said bananas not singular. So turns out

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    coconut cream pasta

    Coconut Cream Pasta Recipe

    If you follow afrolems on snapchat, you would have seen the coconut cream pasta debut on one of my cook with me nights. If you have snapchat, my username is afrolems. I post both personal and business things 🙂 I am planning on making the cook with me thing a regular on my snap so

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    mango tigernut swirl drink

    Mango Tiger nut Drink

    If you have been paying attention on social media, Tiger nut milk has been the secret drink that cures all, solves all and eradicates all world problems. This mango tiger nut drink may even bring world peace the way people are set up online these days. Now tiger nut has always been a power food

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    avocado egg salad on bread

    Avocado Egg Salad

    In this frenzy of valentine, I promise I have not forgotten my fit-fam folks. This avocado egg salad is the perfect starter for your night in. You can make a lot to last till the next breakfast or you can reduce the amount to last just for the evening. Either way, it is certainly a

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    chocolate pancakes with nuts

    Double Chocolate Milo Pancakes

    Let me tell you about these double chocolate milo pancakes! If not that I had to photograph it, It would not have lasted long on the plate. As you can see in one of the pictures, I forgot myself and was already making my way through it. It was soooo delicious. I am not even

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