Yam Recipes

grilled spicy croaker fish and mashed yam 2
Being a lover of seafood, i think the most appropriate gift to give to my mom this Mother’s day is to dedicate this post to her. I love you mama. She also shares a very strong passion for food but luckily for her, it doesn’t show on her as much […]

Spicy Croaker Fish and Mashed Yam

yam and tomato egg recipe
I never understood the logic of feeding children yam and egg on a school morning. Yam makes me super sleepy and less productive. If i settle down to eat yam regardless of the time of the day, you can guarantee I won’t be doing anything useful the rest of the […]

Nigerian Yam and Egg

Chef Dudu is someone i have followed on Instagram for a couple of months and have definitely been blown away by the dishes he comes up with. I find myself wanting to try out his dishes every time he posts something. I reached out to him a couple months back […]

Chef of the Week : Chef Dudu: Yamarita with Corned ...

Hi guys, Some of our Afrolems fans asked for us to do a recipe for ikokore, coincidentally I was planning on putting up a receipe too. Ikokore is an ijebu dish and it is similar to Ekpang Nkukwo the major difference is the use of water yam for ikokore and cocoyam […]

Ikokore aka Ifokore

wateryam ojojo recipe 6
Hi Guys, So I was thinking of a recipe to put up, I wanted to put up one that I havent seen online yet, so I asked my Master Chef, my mum, and she told me about ojojo. You see I wont pretend that i have heard about this before […]

Ojojo Recipe

yele kakro yam balls ghanian food 6
Yesterday, I tweeted about this Yam ball recipe I discovered from this Ghanian site Waakye. I couldn’t wait to try it because I had recently been thinking of something different to do with yam. I did not follow the recipe exactly as I like to add my twist to things […]

Ghanian Yam Balls or Yele Kakro

If you are following Afrolems on Facebook or Instagram which you should be *straight face* you would have seen the picture of this dish. I also tweeted about how difficult it is to season croaker and many people agreed with me. Have you ever had to cook croaker in the […]

Croaker Fish Kè Cream

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Dundu is a Nigerian recipe that is specific to the Yoruba tribe. I have spoken to many people asking how to make it in different ways and I have heard people use plantain, coco yam, sweet potatoes and yam. I have chosen to use Yam for mine and I will […]

Dundu and Shrimp Sauce