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    nigerian yamarita

    Shakara Yamarita

    Shakara Yamarita was as a result of serious cravings I had for yam, egg and smoked beef. I decided to indulge myself for breakfast yesterday before work. I know, I know, who makes such decadent breakfast before work? Well in my defense, I had chopped all the vegetables and smoked beef the night before. The

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    yam pottage

    Yam Pottage – Iwuk Abia

    As a lady from Akwaibom state in Nigeria, there is an expectation that cooking is in my DNA. Well thus far on this blog, I am not sure I have disproved this theory. I have been exposed to numerous dishes even though I don’t always publish them but I enjoy cooking them at home. One

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    catfish peppersoup and yam

    Catfish PepperSoup and Yam

    Growing up I was never a fan of catfish. The experiences at Tejuoso market watching my mum negotiate on the price of the fish while the fish thrashed violently in the bowl was enough to scar me. My mum also made the watery fishy stew called imoyo with Catfish and we had that with Okro

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    grilled spicy croaker fish and mashed yam

    Spicy Croaker Fish and Mashed Yam

    Being a lover of seafood, i think the most appropriate gift to give to my mom this Mother’s day is to dedicate this post to her. I love you mama. She also shares a very strong passion for food but luckily for her, it doesn’t show on her as much as it does me lol.

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    yam and tomato egg recipe

    Nigerian Yam and Egg

    I never understood the logic of feeding children yam and egg on a school morning. Yam makes me super sleepy and less productive. If i settle down to eat yam regardless of the time of the day, you can guarantee I won’t be doing anything useful the rest of the day. Somehow this was the

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    Yam and Palm oil

    Yam and Palm Oil

    Growing up I was told that the combination of Yam and palm oil was what poor people ate. Whatever the hell that meant. I used to feel guilty enjoying this simple dish because I always asked myself why Nigerians would label such a dish amongst others as a poor person’s food. I then realized the

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    fried yam and spicy mayonnaise

    Fried Yam and Spicy Mayo

    I have been craving fried yam since January and hounding the African store in Oakland about their next batch of supplies. They finally got some last week and i raced to their store on saturday to get some. I have thought of a few things I could make with yam and trust me a few

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    yamarita and corned beef and egg sauce scampi

    Chef of the Week : Chef Dudu: Yamarita with Corned Beef and Egg Sauce Scampi

    Chef Dudu is someone i have followed on Instagram for a couple of months and have definitely been blown away by the dishes he comes up with. I find myself wanting to try out his dishes every time he posts something. I reached out to him a couple months back to send us a guest

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    ikokore recipe

    Ikokore aka Ifokore

    Hi guys, Some of our Afrolems fans asked for us to do a recipe for ikokore, coincidentally I was planning on putting up a receipe too. Ikokore is an ijebu dish and it is similar to Ekpang Nkukwo the major difference is the use of water yam for ikokore and cocoyam for Ekpang Nkukwo. It is prepared

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