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    Nigerian Snail Stew

    If you are not Nigerian and you have stumbled on my blog, you would realize that all Nigerian stews are tomato-based. Some of them have more spice than others. One thing that is common is the great taste that comes with all of them. This Nigerian snail stew recipe is a favorite in my house

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    Snail Pasta Stir Fry

    Yes I have been missing in serious action because life happened. I apologize for the silence from me but truth be told, I was recovering from NYSC camp (story for another day) and I was having social exhaustion. So I really didn’t want to put things out just because. I hope you are excited for

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    Dodo Snails – Lent Inspired Recipe

    During Lent, a lot of people give up a whole lot of things as a fast during the period and the very popular  food item that people give up is beef. I have heard many people give up chicken as well. I started looking online for some lent inspired recipes and all I saw was

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    Bole and Peppered Snail inspired by 1Q Food Platter

    For those that do not know what Bole is, its roasted plantain and you would usually find women in Nigeria sitting by an open fire, roasting plantain and selling it with peanuts. This week, one of my favourite blogs 1Q Food Platter posted a similar recipe. I say favourite because I am biased. My mum

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    Plantain and Snails – Mariam

    Fall in love with snails all over again!!! What you need 4-6 large snails 2-3 Medium sized greenish-yellow plantains (you want plantain that’s not soft or too green) 1/2 a teaspoon of Garlic 1 bulb of onion 2 large tomatoes 1 medium Scotch Bonnet pepper 4 table spoons of oil 2 cubes of Knorr/Maggi 1

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    White Rice, Snail (Escargot) Stew and Dodo (Plantain)

    This was my dinner tonight. White rice, snail or escargot stew and dodo popularly known as fried plantain. Leave a comment if you want the recipe for this.