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    Waina Recipe

     Waina This is a rice dish often referred to as Masa, which is shaped like a mini cake and is made using short grain rice. This short grain variety of rice in highly consumed in the Northern part of Nigeria and is referred to as Tuwo rice. Waina has a background in Northern Nigeria and

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    how to make ayamase jollof

    Ayamase Jollof Rice

    The tale of my Ayamase Jollof Rice First of all, I need to apologize to everyone that has been trying to access my site and has had little luck. Even I was locked out. Technology does not always cooperate but we have to make it work somehow. Second of all, I hope you are as

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    world jollof rice day

    World Jollof Rice Day 2016

    The first World Jollof Rice day happened last year. I kept thinking to myself why wasn’t this even done earlier? No matter what, it’s never too late to dedicate a day to celebrate Jollof Rice. Jollof rice is a dish that once you learn to make it, you officially receive the honorary title of being a great

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    how to make chinese fried rice

    Chinese Fried Rice

    I got this Chinese Fried Rice recipe from a Filipino colleague and I enjoy the flavor that the soy sauce and sesame oil gives to the rice. Asian style fried rice is one of my favorite international cuisine and it’s nice to finally have a recipe that works for me. You can easily find soy sauce

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    scent leaf fried rice with shrimp

    Scent Leaf Fried Rice

    Scent leaf fried rice has been on my mind for a few months primarily because it reminds me of basil fried rice. One thing I miss about living outside Nigeria is authentic Asian food. Thai, Vietnamese, Korean food are some of my favorites. They are so full of flavor, I hope some people will open

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    Rice pudding dessert

    Coconut Rice Pudding

    Coconut Rice pudding? Yes Coconut Rice pudding is amazing. Dessert from our beloved Rice is a huge possibility just open your mind 🙂 Tuwo Rice is one of those grains that lay in my house without quick uses. Partly because I am not hausa so I don’t always have a lot of use for it.

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    nigerian vegetable rice

    Vegetable Rice

    The search for nutritious dishes is very real and that gave birth to this vegetable rice dish. I look for new creative ways to infuse vegetables into my everyday meals because of their high vitamin and mineral content daily. The older you get, the more vitamins you need to function and even look healthy. Rice is

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    Indomie Fried Rice

    Indomie Fried Rice

    I had been staring at the indomie in my cupboard and wondering what to do differently with it. Suddenly, I asked myself; “has anyone tried to use the seasoning for anything else?” Rice was the first thing that came to mind. I ran to the kitchen and started boiling my rice as fast as I

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    Thai shrimp fried rice

    Shrimp Fried Rice

    If you follow Afrolems on social media, you would have seen that I posted a video asking people to guess what dish I was making. If you guessed fried rice, you guessed right. I made this shrimp fried rice slightly differently. Not in the Nigerian yellow fried rice way but in the asian almost thai

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