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    Indomie Fried Rice

    Indomie Fried Rice

    I had been staring at the indomie in my cupboard and wondering what to do differently with it. Suddenly, I asked myself; “has anyone tried to use the seasoning for anything else?” Rice was the first thing that came to mind. I ran to the kitchen and started boiling my rice as fast as I

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    Thai shrimp fried rice

    Shrimp Fried Rice

    If you follow Afrolems on social media, you would have seen that I posted a video asking people to guess what dish I was making. If you guessed fried rice, you guessed right. I made this shrimp fried rice slightly differently. Not in the Nigerian yellow fried rice way but in the asian almost thai

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    pork chops

    Pork Chops and Savoury Rice

    Someone recently pointed out in a comment on the blog that I do not have Pork recipes. I combed through my recipe list and truly didn’t find any. I promise it was not intentional. I eat pork once in a very red moon not because it is not tasty but just because my metabolism in

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    Ghanian pineapple jollof rice

    Pineapple Jollof Rice

    If you are connected to my social media channels, you would have seen that I shared a CNN article highlighting the emergence of the creative african chefs. I was so excited because it made me realize the very thing Afrolems stands for in promoting african food to the world is coming to past in my

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    healthy mango fried rice

    Mango Fried Rice

    This recipe I promise did not start out as a mango fried rice one. I was just going to make rice and use chicken stock as the main seasoning without oil or anything. I can say it partly turned out that way because I still did not use oil but I added mango to it

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    rice burger and shrimp patties

    Rice Burger and Shrimp Patties

    I had some left over rice in my fridge and my sauce was done. I started thinking about what to do with the rice and I remembered one of my pinterest trolls were I saw rice burgers and I decided to give it a try. It is probably important to do this with rice that

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    lemon rice

    Lemon Butter Rice

    Most of my friends are always asking for quick tasty meals they can make and get out of the kitchen. Being that Nigerian dishes do not fit that category, sometimes it is hard to recommend something to them without asking where can i get these your many ingredients from? There are many ways to make

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    rice and peas and coconut curry mackerel

    Rice and Peas with Coconut Curry Mackerel

    The internet has been buzzing recently about Jamie Olivers version of Jollof rice and all I can say is as long as recipes are available, they are left to individual interpretation. My dish today is an interpretation of the popular Jamaican rice and peas dish. I have gone to several Jerk chicken spots and their

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    Kenyan pilau rice dish

    Kenyan Pilau Recipe

    This dish is very common amongst different cultures and they also have different names for this same dish. The most common ones are pilaf, pulao, pilav, palaw but the Kenyans call it pilau. This is a very interesting rice dish in terms of flavours, it almost wants to remind you of jollof rice because of

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