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    KIng Street Trio Uptown Waterloo

    If you live in Ontario as a young person you have probably heard how incredibly boring the city of waterloo is. I beg to differ. It may not have all the theatrics of Toronto but it is definitely not a boring city. I went to visit our Afrolems Chef Mariam  as she recently moved over

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    For The Love of Chapman

    I’m embarrassed to tell you that I only just tried Chapman 3 weeks ago at my grandma’s birthday party. You see it was a mistake, I saw my cousin drinking it and I was thirsty from all the running around and I needed something to drink and so I had some. Let me tell you,

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    The Concrete Jungle – New York

    A few weeks ago, I met up with some friends in New York for Memorial day weekend. Ok maybe not a few weeks ago but about a month ago and it was a swell time. To be honest, New York reminds me very much of my beloved city Toronto so I didn’t really feel like

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    Dinner at Brazzerie Four Points by Sheraton Lagos

    My trip to Nigeria this year was so much fun especially food wise. I got to explore a lot of restaurants, get back in touch with some traditional dishes and most importantly learn to cook certain dishes from my mum the proper way. It was definitely a great time and I look forward to coming

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    Brunch at Southern Sun Ikoyi Lagos

    Sunday Morning brunch after church wasn’t exactly something I grew up with. It was more a case of church is over, head on to Mr Biggs or Tastee fried chicken to pick up something quick or my mum was going to cook up a storm. That was what I was used to. Fast forward a

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