Nigerian Soups

Nigerian vegetable soup 2
I am not sure I have met any nigerian that doesn’t like vegetable soup. Regardless of what vegetable they use, vegetable soup is a must in every Nigerian household alongside Jollof Rice of course. The method for this was very reminiscent of Edikang Ikong except in this, I did not […]

Nigerian Vegetable Soup

how to eat nigerian eba 1
Egusi pepper soup is otherwise known as Ovwovwo soup by the Urhobos in Nigeria. I must say this soup is a very delicious soup. I couldn’t stop licking my fingers. If you are new to the Nigerian Cuisine, one of the first soups you would have heard of is Egusi […]

Egusi Pepper Soup

coconut shaki sauce 1
One of the amazing things about the Nigerian menu is the versatility in Ingredients. Tripe is one of them also known as Shaki in Nigeria. When I moved to Canada, I was certain I would have to give up certain ingredients but to my surprise, the Asian grocery stores had […]

Coconut Shaki Soup

Nigerian Owo Soup 2
Last Year I reached out to one of my followers on Instagram because I saw her post about making Owo soup. There were comments that testified to the goodness of her Owo soup so I decided to ask her for a recipe and one year later here we are. She […]

Owo Soup

Ofe Onugbu 10
If i tell you this recipe has been on my list since last summer would you believe me? Every time I bought bitter leaf, I ended up using it for something else and my cocoyam went into other dishes. This year I finally got my act together and made some […]

Ofe Onugbu – Bitter Leaf Soup

Nigerian waterleaf soup 6
Last week, I was strolling through the aisles of the Tropical foods grocery store in Boston searching for my Nigerian food ingredients. My eyes scanning every section and shelf wondering what new item would inspire a new blog post. I already had my basket filled with what I needed but who just […]

Waterleaf Soup

healthy efo riro 8
Fit fam Kwenu hayy!!! For those that do not know, Kwenu is a salutation mostly used By the people in the eastern part of Nigeria. I say mostly because I just borrowed it for my post lol. At some point last year, I made a post about oil less efo […]

Oil less Efo riro

Abak atama 4
Hello All, Have you missed me? After my coffee cake post, I just sort of disappeared. I promise I have great reasons. My siblings came to visit me so I was so pre-occupied with being the perfect hostess and tour guide that I kind of neglected my blog for a […]

Abak Atama Soup

nigerian white soup 6
One of our fans on Facebook requested this recipe and I searched my blog thoroughly and realized I did not have it. Shame on me. This is actually one of my favourite soups and my mum used to make it on some special sundays especially when we requested it. This […]

Afia Efere – Ofe Nsala Soup