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    Beniseed Soup

    Beniseed soup also known as sesame seed soup is a soup that is common in some parts of the south south or middle belt parts of Nigeria. Yes you heard right! Sesame seed soup is a thing in Nigeria. Traditionally, in some parts of Nigeria, it is cooked without fresh tomatoes or red bell peppers

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    obe ishapa and two tone eba

    Obe Ishapa Recipe

    This Obe Ishapa recipe is my way of apologizing for the break in transmission. A lot has been happening with work NYSC & other related activities that Afrolems has taken a hit in the past few weeks. I apologize. I am still trying to find my bearing blogging in Nigeria, after the traffic, hectic drive

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    spicy okro peppersoup

    Okro Tomato Peppersoup

    As a Nigerian, my senses are wired to receive spicy food and Okro Tomato Peppersoup is on that list like no man’s business. Traditionally, Okro Peppersoup is consumed in Nigeria without the tomato but I decided to make mine a more wholesome soup by including more vitamin C in it. The tomato also gives the soup a

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    Nigerian Native Soup

    How to make Nigerian Native Soup

    This is one soup that I promised myself that if I did not find isam, I would not make it. For those that don’t know what Isam, it is periwinkles and in Rivers state in Nigeria, this soup is not complete without an assortment of seafood. I did not even have all the necessary seafood

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    margi special

    Margi Special

    The dishes that come out of Nigeria never cease to amaze me. Especially the dishes from Northern Nigeria. A long time ago, my friend told me about this dish from Adamawa called Meltuble. She said it was one of her favourite dishes but was unique to her mom’s village. Fast forward to a few years,

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    Nigerian vegetable soup

    Nigerian Vegetable Soup

    I am not sure I have met any nigerian that doesn’t like vegetable soup. Regardless of what vegetable they use, vegetable soup is a must in every Nigerian household alongside Jollof Rice of course. The method for this was very reminiscent of Edikang Ikong except in this, I did not use Ugwu leaves (Pumpkin leaves)

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    how to eat nigerian eba

    Egusi Pepper Soup

    Egusi pepper soup is otherwise known as Ovwovwo soup by the Urhobos in Nigeria. I must say this soup is a very delicious soup. I couldn’t stop licking my fingers. If you are new to the Nigerian Cuisine, one of the first soups you would have heard of is Egusi soup. This soup is however

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    coconut shaki sauce

    Coconut Shaki Soup

    One of the amazing things about the Nigerian menu is the versatility in Ingredients. Tripe is one of them also known as Shaki in Nigeria. When I moved to Canada, I was certain I would have to give up certain ingredients but to my surprise, the Asian grocery stores had tripe in abundance and very

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    Nigerian Owo Soup

    Owo Soup

    Last year I reached out to one of my followers on Instagram because I saw her post about making Owo soup. There were comments that testified to the goodness of her Owo soup so I decided to ask her for a recipe and one year later here we are. She sent in her recipe and

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