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    Ofe Onugbu – Bitter Leaf Soup

    If i tell you this recipe for bitter leaf soup has been on my list since last summer would you believe me? Every time I bought bitter leaf, I ended up using it for something else and my cocoyam went into other dishes. This year I finally got my act together and made some delicious

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    Afia Efere – Ofe Nsala Soup

    One of our fans on Facebook requested a recipe for Afia Efere and I searched my blog thoroughly and realized I did not have it. Shame on me. This is actually one of my favourite soups and my mum used to make it on some special sundays especially when we requested it. Sometimes she made it

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    Ukana Sauce / Ugba Sauce

    When I was a lot younger, this was a dish I slightly dreaded eating because it smelled so much. I was also terrified of eating it the night before because the waste produced may have been deadly the next day in school. However, as I grew up, my taste buds acclimatized to the taste and

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    Abacha African Salad

    My very first encounter with Abacha African Salad dish was back in Queens College with one of my Igbo lesson teachers. She always sent one of the students to get it before she got down to business. She was nice enough to ask us if we wanted some and for the people that knew what it

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    Ofe Di Na Nwayi

    My best friend got engaged a couple weeks back so I have been secretly(well not so secret anymore) researching wedding stuff and of course food came to mind. I started asking around for recipes that were particular to newly weds and this interesting dish came up.  For my newly-wed blog followers that are ibo or

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    Nkwobi Recipe from Afrolems

    Nkwobi is a dish that is traditionally eaten by the Ibo people (a main tribe in Nigeria). It is a very rich dish but slightly high on the calories. If you are watching your weight, you should limit the palm oil and amount of potash in the dish. Hope you have a lot of success

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