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    Image source: hellawella.com

    17 Clever Tricks That Will Revolutionize Your Cooking Recipes

    I always look for clever tricks and tips to enhance my cooking recipes. I make sure I am working in the most efficient way possible in the kitchen. I was having a discussion with Paula Hughes of Chewtheworld.com and she mentioned that she had some tricks she uses. Of course at that point I told her to

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    crispy baked scent leaf and lemon tilapia

    Crispy Baked Scent Leaf and Lemon Tilapia

    Thanks to cooking school, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and work with whole fish…something I’m not very fond of doing. However to my surprise, this crispy baked scent leaf and lemon tilapia dish came out better than I expected.I enjoyed it so much that I made it again and it was

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    coconut chicken and asparagus

    Coconut Chicken and Asparagus

    Today we have a guest post from Kauna Kitchen on Coconut Chicken and Asparagus. Asparagus is not a vegetable that is very prominent in the Nigerian menu so if you are looking for a new vegetable to include in your meal plan, check out this recipe. Recipe for Coconut Chicken and Asparagus INGREDIENTS 4 chicken

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    Nigerian Owo Soup

    Owo Soup

    Last year I reached out to one of my followers on Instagram because I saw her post about making Owo soup. There were comments that testified to the goodness of her Owo soup so I decided to ask her for a recipe and one year later here we are. She sent in her recipe and

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    plantain pancake and egg

    Gluten Free Plantain Pancakes With Sausage Scrambled Eggs

    I absolutely love connecting with food bloggers and even just people on my Instagram that throw down. Once you cook and add twists to your meals, I promise i’d be lurking. One of the accounts I lurked was Kezia Eniang’s account. I reached out to her and she was kind enough to share one of

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    Moin Moin crepes

    Moin Moin Crepes and Akamu Milkshake

    Sometime in the last few months, I was trolling on Instagram and I discovered an account that I immediately fell in love with. That rarely happens by the way. I immediately followed the account and I have been a huge fan ever since. This amazing account is @dubaifitfoodie. Her pictures are top notch and she

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    nigerIAN fooDs

    Sponsored Post : NigerianFoods.com

    20% off NigerianFoods.com – Get Nigerian ingredients in the US for your recipes Lots and lots of people in the US on Afrolems are passionate about cooking modern Nigerian recipes. While some people can get the ingredients they want to cook, a lot of people can’t. Maybe the store is too far away or you’re

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    Guest Post: Sora Tulip – Fruit Carving Lessons Nigeria

    Fruit and Vegetable Carving Classes are not available in Nigeria but Sora Tulip is bringing it home to Nigeria! There is only one fruit and vegetable carving academy in Africa. On the average, to register for carving classes in Europe or Asia where it is mostly common. One level/module costs $650-$700. This amount excludes Visa

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    kids with allergies cake

    Guest Post: Chocolate Vegan Cake by Anaya

    One very beautiful evening last week, My favorite toddler’s mum sent me a few pictures of Anaya baking. The picture warmed my heart because i absolutely adore this kid and to know she likes to bake/cook just made me love her even more. My darling Anaya is one of those kids that you spend five

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