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    Shrimps and vegetables

    Gain or lose weight with Nigerian Food

    Gaining or Losing Weight with Nigerian Food The general misconception that Nigerian food is unhealthy is a theory I whole-heartedly disagree with. It’s in the application that results are seen. For example, if one chooses to have tiger nuts (ofio,aya) – which by the way is considered by many Nigerians to be healthy- every day

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    Accra Food Festival 2016

    Accra Food Festival 2016 – Highlights A Facebook ad popped up a few months ago notifying me about a food festival that was going to happen in Accra. The food blogger in me got excited and I clicked to find out more information. After a short supposedly convincing conversation with my mum, we decided to book

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    world jollof rice day

    World Jollof Rice Day 2016

    The first World Jollof Rice day happened last year. I kept thinking to myself why wasn’t this even done earlier? No matter what, it’s never too late to dedicate a day to celebrate Jollof Rice. Jollof rice is a dish that once you learn to make it, you officially receive the honorary title of being a great

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    afrolems at food fest

    Afrolems at 500 Dishes Food Fair

    If there is anyone that can give excuses for why things should not happen, I am the champion. Little wonder how I get anything done and how this brand has even grown to this stage lol. When 500 dishes contacted me to be part of their food fair, I opted for the easier way out

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    Image source: hellawella.com

    17 Clever Tricks That Will Revolutionize Your Cooking Recipes

    I always look for clever tricks and tips to enhance my cooking recipes. I make sure I am working in the most efficient way possible in the kitchen. I was having a discussion with Paula Hughes of Chewtheworld.com and she mentioned that she had some tricks she uses. Of course at that point I told her to

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    Afrolems at GTB Food and Drink Fair

    When my year started, being a headliner chef(I am not a chef) at a large food festival as the GTB Food and Drink Fair was not even remotely on my list of things to achieve. But you see the way God works, that festival has so far been the highlight of half of this year.

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    health benefits of tomatoes

    4 Health benefits of Tomatoes

    The Nigerian Cuisine is heavily reliant on tomatoes but a lot of people may not know the benefits of consuming these tomatoes. On our menu, we have items like stews, soups, sauces, salads,  jollof rice and other rice dishes that require tomatoes but if you ask the average person for the health benefits of Tomatoes,

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    AFROLEMS goals for 2016 (1)

    Afrolems Brand 2015 Year in Review

    2015 was a great year for the Afrolems brand. We grew in our craft and grew in recognition as well. With winning recipes like the dodo gizzard dumplings and sadza and peanut soup, we entered realms we had not initially planned to explore. We also wrote articles for the Sunday Punch for a little while

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    Plantain recipes free book

    Download Plantain Recipes E-Book

    I have had a few people request to add a print option to my recipes. I add them to select recipes because I do not want to make it so easy for people to just take advantage of it and become profitable at my expense. I still think if they wanted they would but It’s

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