Fiesta of Flavours

PRESS RELEASE: FIESTA OF FLAVOURS This is to announce the event Fiesta of Flavours, a one of a kind food and beverage festival that is slated to become a yearly fixture on the Lagos social Calendar. The press are cordially invited to attend the following event, as well as all promotional events leading up to

Download Plantain Recipes E-Book

I have had a few people request to add a print option to my recipes. I add them to select recipes because I do not want to make it so easy for people to just take advantage of it and become profitable at my expense. I still think if they wanted they would but It’s


Summer is fast approaching or we can safely say is already here and everyone is hitting the gym and possibly staying away from Nigerian food. Nigerian food has been widely notorious for not being healthy and I call the bluff on those claims and say it depends on how you cook it. By limiting your

How to Cut a Recipe in Half

This is not a recipe post. I haven’t done one of these in a very long time and it’s going to be a very short one. Every time I upload a baking recipe, I have people asking how to cut the recipe in half or double it. While I did not make a chart for

Karibu Kenya

Hello hello everyoneeeee!!!! I missed you all and blogging and the whole shenanigans. I apologize for being so MIA. Let me jist you what happened. So as part of my masters program here in San francisco, we get to do something called an action project instead of writing a boring old 100 page thesis, we

Kitchen tips and Tricks

Many of our fans said they initially followed us on social media because of the tips we provided. I have taken a hiatus on some of the tips because I am trying to discover new ones. For those that may have missed some of the tips we provided on social media, here you go. 1.

Food Clique – Fighting Hunger

Over the holidays, I was privileged to volunteer with an amazing group of people that work at the NGO Food Clique. In 2012, I was looking to start a similar program in my home country Nigeria and I decided to research to see if any other organization was doing something similar and perhaps I could

Nutella Crepes and Ice Cream

I love crepes, and I love ice cream; and together they make the perfect dessert. A crepe station is always a nice fancy idea, each dessert can be custom made, you can use Nutella, Jam, or honey filling and any flavour of ice cream you prefer. This dessert can also be made in advance, all