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    Abak Atama Soup

    Hello All, Have you missed me? After my coffee cake post, I just sort of disappeared. I promise I have great reasons. My siblings came to visit me so I was so pre-occupied with being the perfect hostess and tour guide that I kind of neglected my blog for a bit. I mean you understand

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    Afia Efere – Ofe Nsala Soup

    One of our fans on Facebook requested a recipe for Afia Efere and I searched my blog thoroughly and realized I did not have it. Shame on me. This is actually one of my favourite soups and my mum used to make it on some special sundays especially when we requested it. Sometimes she made it

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    Ukana Sauce / Ugba Sauce

    When I was a lot younger, this was a dish I slightly dreaded eating because it smelled so much. I was also terrified of eating it the night before because the waste produced may have been deadly the next day in school. However, as I grew up, my taste buds acclimatized to the taste and

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    Akara Mboro

    Akara Mboro We are beginning our first Christmas recipe with this interesting dessert. In the original context, it wasn’t designed to be a dessert but alas with the right amount of sugar any dish can be a dessert. Mboro in the efik language means banana and for those that don’t know what akara is, it’s

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    Native Jollof Rice – Iwuk Edesi

    This Native Jollof Rice recipe has been a long time coming. For every time  i tried to write a post on it, it always got bumped for another dish. Believe it or not I have been trying to write this particular post since 2010. Finally 3 years later, here we are and probably better than

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    For those that have been following my blog since beginning of this year, you may have seen that I mentioned a dish called Ukang. Earlier on this year, I was in Nigeria and I went to visit my Grandma. She made me some Ukang and I couldn’t wait to blog about it. I have searched

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    Abak Mbakara Soup or Efik Banga Soup

    Growing up in an Efik Household, I got to experience many dishes outside of the regular egusi, ogbono etc. I have to admit that some of the dishes are variations of the popular dishes while some are entirely new dishes. Abak Mbakara is a variation of the traditional Urhobo Banga soup. I have also noticed

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    edikai ikong

    Edikang Ikong Soup Recipe – 11th Day of Christmas

    On the 11th day of Christmas my true love gave to me a lovely plate of Edikang Ikong Soup. This is a dish that is originally from the Efik Tribe in Nigeria. People from Akwa Ibom and Cross River state enjoy serving this at home, weddings or any event they have. Your Edikang Ikong is

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    cocoyam recipes

    Ekpang Nkukwo Recipe – Cocoyam pottage

    Ekpang Nkukwo was a high in demand recipe from many of the Afrolems fans. I posted the photo of the meal seven days to Christmas and since then Ekpang Nkukwo has been on the mind of many of my Afrolems followers. It is a native Efik meal and apparently is also native to Cameroonians. The English

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